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Article by Penny Eims, police dog shot by animal control, good job guys!


So where is the training for these fabulous people may I ask? From shooting a police dog to targeting a pit bull owner by serving him citations when ever there are any complaints about any dogs in his neighbourhood, I thought that there was a training manual for these people, one they were obliged to follow, I guess not! How exactly does one create such a pooch screw?

I certainly hope this is an eye opener for city officials, exactly how many dogs have to be victimized by animal control before someone intercedes?


My friend Karen’s big boy Jasper needs a wheelchair, anyone have one they don’t need anymore?

Meet Jasper, he is really in need of a random act of kindness, my friend Karen and dedicated dog owner, really wants to do right by her boy, so please read Jasper’s blurb, and if you know of anyone that would be willing to work something out with Karen please share, so we can make Jasper comfy again!

Thanks everyone!

I have a 14 year old dog, big ambull/boxer mix who is having pain and problems with his back legs, think may be needing a doggie wheelchair for him soon, this dog is 80+ lbs and am hoping someone out here has one they can donate to him or sell me at discount as I am disabled myself on limited income, his name is Jasper and he is my sons dog, my son helps him off and on the couch and doing his best but watching the two of them is breaking my heart, they live with me and my 3 girls, PLEASE CAN ANYONE HELP WITH A DOGGIE WHEELCHAIR? 
Contact me here on Facebook or email karenkguzman@hotmail.com put doggie wheelchair in the subject line

Thank you in advance for any and all help we have had him since 6 weeks old and he is family and we must take care of him to the best of our ability


Today’s abuser loser is….,Nidra F. Billard!

When will the system take charge and create real change? Real punishments, and not just wrist tapping?

And if they system won’t who will? “We the people“, that’s who! No one thinks they have the power to create change, we do, each and every one of us can, but we must “try” feeling sorry  is one thing but it doesn’t stop the abuse. Get in the game folks! Take a stand!

Call, write, email, hold rally’s, just be a voice that says “enough already” Stand up!

Stand with us and we can do it! We don’t have to be terrorists to get it done, we just have to be “ONE












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