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The haters are going to be livid over this one!

An old photograph of a Pit Bull with a baby.

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Special thanks to Joshua-Paul Angell and the Examiner for this one! great job guys!

How can anyone support BSL when there is NO proof pit bull are such a threat, but there is however  proof of how adaptable, trainable, willing to please and comfort these dogs are. There is proof that they love children, despite what the media and these “Ahem” organizations will have you believe. So to them I will just say…

Go team pit bull! oh and to the haters like PETA and Dogsbite….., BITE ME!


Just a little something to consider.


Thank you and big hugs to the Animal Legal Defense Fund, You have my full support, keep pushing for change, we are all they have, we are their voice!


Todays abuser loser even tried to get her children in on the carnage, mother of the year here folks!


Say hello to  Wilana J. Frazier,  Nice to meet you Wilana, just thought I would do my part in getting you the attention you so obviously crave, have a nice day!

 I hear the foods good in jail, please feel free to drop me a line to confirm! Oh, and Wilana, I just thought that you should know encouraging violence in children is child abuse, I hope they nail you with that one as well!


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