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Providing for Paws needs our help!

The raid took place in March of this year. Two of the dogs died because of the fight and eight other dogs were found on the property. Two more dogs died being in the care of the dog fighters and Monroe animal control.

See news story on bust:


Originally, visiting Judge John Collins had ordered that the dogs be evaluated by The Buster Foundation and Monroe Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to be temperament tested and see if the dogs could be placed for adoption.

The assistant prosecuting attorney, Michael Brown has appealed this decision stating that four PIT BULL dogs out of the six dogs that were seized are DANGEROUS DOGS and should be put down. Circuit Judge Michael LaBeau said, “visiting Judge John Collins exceeded his authority by allowing the dog advocate groups to enter into the civil case as a third party and by handing over the animals to the organizations.” The case will now go back to Monroe County District Court for a judge to decide whether the groups can intervene in the case.

See news story on Judge’s delay on dogs seized:

Michigan law is very touchy on this type of situation. Most always, any dog seized during this type of bust, the dogs are all put down, including puppies. The Michigan law reads as follows:

750.49 Animal; definition; fighting, baiting, or shooting; prohibited conduct; violation as felony; costs; dog trained or used for fighting or offspring of dog trained or used for fighting; prohibited conduct; exceptions; confiscation of dog; award of dog to animal welfare agency; euthanasia; expenses; forfeiture of animals, equipment, devices, and money; disposition of money seized; additional exceptions.

Michigan Law:

The dogs in question have not been used in fighting or as bait dogs. Nor does anyone know whose offspring they are. They have passed all temperament testing thus far.

I am hoping that many of you will take the time to write letters or send emails to the people listed below. Please, object to any of the six dogs being labeled as dangerous and being put down. Please also be polite, however firm that these dogs would not be placed up for adoption unless they were tested and found suitable for adoption by the two very reputable and experienced animal organization. The Buster Foundation has had to hire their attorney to help fight the case. Both organizations could use all the help they can get to keep these dogs alive.

You may also help by sponsoring these dogs at the link below. I have sponsored them by donating $100.00 so far. I believe these dogs are worth saving, don’t you?

“Operation Hope” PLEASE DONATE:

I truly appreciate everyone’s time and cooperation in this fight for their freedom.


Joanne Dixon, Michelle Touchtone and Dawn Pinchot
Providing for Paws

Monroe County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney: Michael Brown
125 E. Second Street
Monroe, Michigan 48161
Phone: 734-240-7600
Fax: 734-240-7601

Monroe County Commissioners:
125 E. Second Street
Monroe, Michigan 48161

R. LaMar Frederick (Chairman/District 9)
email: and
William D. Sisk (Vice Chairman/District 5)
email: and
J. Henry Lievens (District 1)
email: and
David C. Hoffman (District 2)
Dr. Stephen R. Bell (District 3)
Dr. Daniel Donahue (District 4)
Jerry A. Oley (District 6)
email: and
Mary O’Neill (District 7)
Jason M. Sheppard (District 8)
Royce Maniko (Administrator)
Vickie Koczman (Deputy Clerk)
email: and

The Petition to save the dogs:

The Petition to punish 25 dog fighters to the fullest extent of the law:

Providing for Paws
P. O. Box 432
Garden City, MI 48135

Monroe County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Michael Brown & Monroe County Commissioners Districts 1 thru 9, Administrator & Deputy Clerk

Date: March 30, 2011

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing on behalf of the seized animals from the property on Ida Maybee Road in Raisinville, Michigan after a dog fighting bust. Since these animals do not have a voice, I find it necessary to be a voice for them.

I disagree with Judge LaBeau’s decision to over turn visiting Judge Collins decision, to grant custody of the dogs found on the property to The Buster Foundation. Prosecuting Attorney Michael Brown’s decision to deem these dogs as “Dangerous” is ludicrous. Prosecuting Attorney Michael Brown is not an animal expert and has no basis to make this determination.

Neither The Buster Foundation or The Monroe SPCA have not ever adopted out a “Dangerous Dog” nor do I believe they ever would. The dogs found on this property after the bust, did not appear to be fought. There was no physical scarring or fresh wounds found on the dogs. This would typically be seen in dogs that have been used for bait or fighting. None of the dogs has shown any aggressive behavior towards other dogs or humans and has passed all temperament testing thus far nor does anyone know who they are off springs from.

Both of these organizations have had several outstanding years in the animal sector and are vastly experienced in the Pit Bull breed. Joanie, from The Buster Foundation is not only a rescue for Pit Bulls, with over 18 years experience. She is also an educator of the breed. She does not believe in adopting out animals that are unbalanced in any way, shape or form. She cares about public safety and despite her love for the breed, would never adopt a dog out that she would consider a risk to other animals or humans.

All dogs seized during a raid of any kind, deserve the right to be judged individually for good temperament. The perfect example for this situation would be the Michael Vick case. Out of 48 dogs tested on his property, only one was found to be human aggressive and needed to be put down. Many of them have been adopted into loving homes and some have even earned their Canine Good Citizenship. Some are even used as therapy dogs now. Many of the animals I spoke about above, have the physical scares to show you they were at one time fought. These dogs were used to fight, yet they were able to become outstanding canine citizens of our communities. Most were rehabilitated quickly and adopted out. Only a small handful remains in sanctuaries, most waiting to be adopted out. The dogs questioned in this case do not appear to have been used for fighting, yet they are still being considered dangerous. I find that to be unfair and unjust to label a dog dangerous when there is no proof of this.

The true victim of the crime here is the animals that were used and abused in this case. Yet we punish the victim to death and allow the abuser a smack on the hand and set free. How does any of this make sense? In humans, a victim would never be sentenced to death so why in the world do we sentence a canine victim to that?

I would strongly urge you to consider allowing these animals to stay in the care of The Buster Foundation to be further evaluated and place up for adoption if deemed suitable for such. A true advocate for the Pit Bull breed would never allow their love for the breed over rule the safety of the public. The Buster Foundation and The Monroe SPCA are true advocates for the Pit Bull and as such will make the right decision based on the dog’s individual temperament.

Joanne L. Dixon
Providing for Paws

A very interesting poll… I wonder what the end result will be?

Check this out, please vote and share!



Another Bark Out for this is a wonderful animal abuse reporting website!

I have to say I love anyone that wants to take global action against animal abuse go PBO!

The link can also be found on my side bar


Just a little something to make those of you capable of leaving your dog at a shelter…, think again, will they really find them a home?

Literally millions of animals die in shelters each year, and there are many reasons why, one is the slimey shelters and pounds that sell dogs out the back door to research labs and facilities, and then label them “euthanized due to illness”

 Another are the irresponsible owners that have absolutely no idea what forever or a lifetime, and responsibility really mean! and then we have the dogs that all you shining star citizens let get out or that you dumped on the side of the road, because they served their purpose and you don’t need them anymore, and you just don’t care.

Well after you see this I hope somewhere deep down inside something makes you care from now on!  If it doesn’t than there is something really wrong with you!


So when will enough be enough? When we will people stand together and demand things like this are punished?


This kid will one day take this anger that is so obviously boiling under the surface and place it on a human, the fact that he has taken a life already is more than enough to make me fear for other animals and people as well! Good god!


Judge Michael Gary of New York…, I could kiss you right on the mouth my friend! BRAVO!


Every day we see losers like Angelo Monderoy, abuse animals with little to no atonement or punishment for the evil things they do. Most walk away with a small fine and community service, very few see the inside of a jail even. Much like Kisha Curtis, those who are arrested try to make bail, and most do, and that’s the last they see of any real jail time. This must change if we stand a chance at saving future animals from these types of horrific abuse.

As of late I have felt pretty defeated about the entire thing, however just when I thought there were no judges out there willing make an example of these piles of filth, I catch wind of this story!

Judge Michael Gary of Brooklyn New York, took a stand and sent a very clear message about animal abuse, as you read above, this piece of garbage will be sentenced to 6 years before he will face deportation, I hope they follow through with that.

We all know he wont serve the full six years but quite frankly it’s a start! Here is an excerpt from another article praising this judge;

Letter: In an article by William Gorta concerning a Superior Court hearing re:The state of New York vs Angelo Monderoy and his killing of a cat. Judge Gary showed clear sensitivity to this issue and provided a well-considered verdict and sentence. He is to be commended and the citizens of New York can be proud of him.

Mr. Monderoy appears to have no empathy for a weaker creature and, as such, poses a serious danger to people as well. Intentional cruelty cannot be tolerated by society whether it be against animals, children, or citizens in general.

Bravo to Judge Gary!

Thanks William for saying exactly what we are feeling…, Bravo Judge Gary, Bravo!

We can all feel proud of him, I am Canadian, and I have watched these cases play out here, and I must tell you that “no-one” here has been willing to take such a stand. Due to the slaughter of sled dogs in Whistler, BC some small changes have occurred.

Abusers will now face up two years in jail, and fines go up to $75000.00 from $10,000.00 Persoanlly I see this as a very tiny improvement, and a very shallow victory for abused animals and public safety. I feel if changes were to be made than certainly they should have reflected the same sense of eminent danger that the public faces as well as animals, at the hands of these individuals. They really should have taken a zero tolerance stand!

To me, two years is nothing! By the time these freaks actually set one foot inside the jail sell one-third of their sentence has already been lifted or “served.” I find that very disappointing indeed!

So to Judge Michael Gary I say “Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for going against the grain, seeing the true potential for future violent acts that exists within these people, and thank you for drawing a hard-line on animal abuse!”

In my book you are a true pioneer, in the fight to change the face of animal abuse, public and companion animal safety. Reading this gave me hope again. Hope that all is not lost, in the fight to gain tougher animal cruelty legislation. If every judge stood up and was counted, making sure their voices be heard, and their authority to punish be unquestionable, then maybe, just maybe in my lifetime I will see these changes take place.

Judge Gary, from an animal advocate and lover I say again, I could just kiss you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!



***UPDATE ON LOONY FARMS***Does anyone remember the video of Loonie farms? Well Christiane Judd is on the run, I wonder why?

She should be on the run! This disgusting example of all the worst traits a human can possess, better run she’s got a lot to answer for! Christine I will only say this to you;

You make me sick! As a woman, I can’t imagine how you could allow this! You called yourself a rescuer, when in truth your farm was an Auschwitz for animals! You disgust me and I only hope they find you and bring you to justice so you can be made an example of! You smear the good name of rescue with your crimes, you are not and never were a rescuer you are filth! You are an animal abuser and the reason I do what I do!


Thank you Dena Stapleton for your update on this woman, great reporting!


Patrick, are all these people really on “HIS” side or is it more about money and clinging onto his new found fame?

Now anyone who has read my blog knows that I am madly in love with sweet Patrick! Initially I was a huge supporter of all the Patrick groups *minus the one run by that nut-job that thinks she owns “the patrick movement”* that have sprung up over the last few months, but., what I want to know is do they all really care about Patrick’s best interests or is there a sinister side to this?  I am not pointing fingers here, I simply have concerns that this may be getting out of hand.

Think about it for a second, Patrick has put GSVS on the map, he has paved the way for all these movements, he has his name attached to countless Facebook and YouTube pages, next there will be some charity spring up with his name on it and I have to say that possibility really bothers me! All of this is really starting to bother me! A friend of mine JayJay  made a statement about it the other day on her Facebook page and it really got me thinking.

I have started to think that this whole thing is starting to smack of a three-ring circus instead of creating change for Patrick and abused and neglected animals.  Still I wanted desperately to believe that there is a good intent behind it. Now I must say that I personally friended all the patrick movement groups on Facebook, because I thought we could all join together to help change something for Patrick, and for all those who suffer in silence and solitude, I thought maybe it could help find him the right owner, get him more medical help, insure that he never sees abuse again, and I still want to support them, but…, there is a side to me that thinks, I just don’t know! Are they really doing right by him or not?

Now I am not diminishing anything that anyone with a good heart and the right intentions has done, however.., for some the road to good intentions can sometimes be veered from, in the pursuit of all things golden or to be on the receiving end of a flash bulb.

Lets be realistic here, a vast majority of the public crave celebrity, even covet it!  A recent study done concluded that the majority of students polled would rather be the baggage carrier for a celebrity than be President, be a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, a Doctor, I mean seriously! And I believe it goes deeper then just students, I bet there is a huge group of society that would sign up today if they could. If people would rather be the gopher to a celebrity than anything else, I would not be surprised in the least to see at least a modicum of this personality type set their sights on Patrick! After all he’s easy, he is just one little dog alone and still quite defenseless against these bloodsuckers, if you will!

I guess what I am saying is that my biggest fear is that this tiny puppy who did nothing wrong, his only crime if you can all it that, is bad luck! The misfortune of ending up in Kisha’s hands instead of a loving home. Where does poor Patrick go from here? There are groups looking to take Patrick away from GSVS and make him some side-show freak, and personally I can only speak for myself when I say, I pray they don’t succeed!

Now if you think about all the dogs that have died in shelters, with no fan fare, no swarms of paparazzi or reporters waiting to plaster their faces on the ten o”clock news, no vets stepping up to say the will forego money in leu of helping a life, and certainly no thousands of adoring fans waiting in the wings,no prospects of hope in escaping their fates because their story never made local and international news! Instead they died on a cold concrete floor, or in a kennel, out in the snow.., ALONE! All those who have been abused, neglected, starved, chained and ignored, it could drive you crazy just trying to fathom the numbers on that one! Patrick was lucky, Yes that’s right lucky! He was spared death and given another chance at having a great life, if the powers that be don’t screw it up!

If they don’t get misguided, and don’t just want Patrick for all the wrong reasons,  just look at all the fights that have broken out and are yet to come over whom he should stay with, where he should be, who should get to hold him…,call me crazy but I think he should be in a “real home!” A safe one, with somebody that just wants him for him and nothing else! No 15 minutes of fame, just someone who wants to love an unloved dog! Someone who can be trusted to do what is right for Patrick! Without hesitation and question, not for publicity, just because they have love to give that unloved little dog! 

Originally I sided with the un-named GSVS employee that wanted to adopt Patrick, but now I have to say I’m not so sure! I’m not saying he shouldn’t, but only the very best decisions have to be made from here out. Make Patrick the focus, not money, not celebrity, and certainly not for their own gains!

Well I guess all those, including myself, who give a voice to the voiceless, who want to chapion those who are forgotten and abused, we will all have to be there to make sure that right is done not wrong! I wish this puppy only the very best of things in his life no more abuses, OF ANY KIND!

My thoughts, hopes, and all the positive energy I can gather are coming your way my dear sweet innocent little Patrick! May karma and luck see you through to a great life, a new home, and love! just love!

For the rest of you who seek fame and fortune off this little guy, you are being watched! do what’s right get him out of GSVS and into a HOME!


If you own a pit bull and another dog runs up YOUR driveway, and attacks your leashed dog, remember it’s your fault!

Here is a fine example of the bias at work!!!!!

Unreal! So remember folks don’t expect the police to be on your side if you are a responsible pit bull owner!


Lennox, sentanced to death! All because of the way he looks! This dog never hurt anyone, please share and email support!

here is the verdict, right from the desk of life with dogs; They have enclosed a complete list of email addresses for Belfast city council as well as the link to Save Lennox, please share this and I urge every pit bull parent, advocate, and lover of dogs alike to take a stand for Lennox! He is a beloved family dog, and He has NEVER harmed a living thing! Why should he die just because he is a pit bull? And why has the family not been allowed to know where he is, to visit him, to bring him things of comfort???? WHY? Because there is a massive breed bias and they want to kill this dog!

Enough is enough it’s now time to act folks!


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