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Young hero sees abuse of kitten, and takes on bully. His parents should be very, very, proud. What an exceptional young man!

How cool is this young man?!


Although the kitten did not survive, Jamarea Mills should be very proud of his actions! Thanks Jamarea for doing what was right!

You are a very special young man, and I just want you to know, you have inspired many, including me! Keep following your heart and your gut, and you will always be doing great things and effecting change!

To Mr. and Mrs. Mills…, Thank you for raising such a wonderful boy! He is a pillar of his community and his actions are a direct reflection of how well you have done the job of “Parent”


See now this is exactly what I am talking about! does anyone have his best intrests at heart? People suck!

Un freakin believable! an independent body needs to step in and get Patrick a home, with someone who really cares about him not the cash cow celebritism!


So where is the Mayor now? He was sure on Patrick’s side in the beginning…, You should all be ashamed of yourselves! He is just a puppy, not a commodity!


CAARA needs our help and so do the animals! Please call and share, saving lives is a pretty great way to spend your time!

So many shelter animals are depending on us to speak up, if we don’t let our voices be heard it means millions of animals will die rather than being given a shot with a rescue!

PLEASE CALL Senator Ritchie 315-782-3418 Bill is S05363 Agriculture committee is saying that they are only getting calls from the opposition!! We need phone calls right now!!! Please – We can’t let this fall through the cracks. The cats and dogs on the lists each night are depending on us.Leaving a message is fine just remember to leave your name and phone number, so they can verify.


right now in shelters all across America they have been given carte blanche to deny legitimate shelters the right to pull perfectly good pets! These same shelters put out nightly lists of which animals will die, this legislation is crucial to their survival!

I thank you, and so do the animals please share far and wide, you may be part of the solution, and saving countless lives today!


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