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Change to the “Dog of the Week”…. An update.

I’m baaaaaack!

Phew!!! It’s been a grueling couple of weeks in the dog training course and it looks like my next section will be a big one too, but I’ll try to keep the posts coming more often.

I am sad to say that There didn’t seem to be a lot of interest in the dog of the week, Thank you so much to all the great families that sent in all those amazing pictures of their dogs and puppies, without you these dogs would be lost!

Thanks for showing the world what love and responsible pet ownership really means, you guys rock!

So with that said I am changing things up a bit, rather than feature your dog photo’s, I thought I would feature a dog in need, rescue’s and fosters, you are welcome to send in your pictures please make sur you send a photo, and complete contact info as well as the city, state or province, and Country as well. Don’t forget to add some details about the dog, everybody like to have the story behind the picture!

You can send them to apitomesblog@shaw.ca The goal will shift from showcasing the breed to saving them from certain death in some cases, in shelters and pounds and we all know that pit bulls make up the highest percentage of shelter dogs.

Today’s little gem will break your heart, make you fall instantly in love and inspire you to get involved! As far as I know he has no name so I have taken it upon myself to dub him Esperodo loosely translated it means “He has hope” in the basque language.

With out further ado here is Esperudo:

This emaciated boy wondered into Jennifer Marcel (SNARR adoptions coordinator) neighborhood and her husband picked him up. Looks like a new SNARR baby…. the vet said He is 12 weeks old, 12lbs, a broken k-9 baby tooth, dehydrated, loaded w…ith hook worms and will need possible surgery to repair the hack job done to his ears. To help with his care donations can be made through chipin http://snarr1.chipin.com/tonka or via PayPal @ snarr_1@Yahoo.com or through our website www.snarranimalrescue.org

Please help me to help SNARR to get this boy the help he needs and ultimately help him find a safe, loving, and fur-always home.

Thanks everyone for your patience and support while I have been busy at school, you guys ROCK LIKE NEW SOCKS!

So the dog of the week shall now be dubbed “Rescue Me Weekly” and may sometimes showcase more than one dog depending on urgency.

Have a great weekend!


***UPDATE****FRAUDSTER AND ABUSER! I am sick of these trolls getting away with this!

 ***So douche bag here gets it, again!*** Check out the latest on this dirt pile!!!!! See link right below.
Brett Cochran. He runs a fraudulent rescue named Needful Souls & is now in Florida. Under
the guise of being a rescue group, they pull animals (mostly pit bulls,
though they will take any breed) from shelters & act as brokers, selling to research facilities or any private party
willing to pay (odds are, they are heavily supporting dog… fighting, since they like to deal in pit bulls)

This is a photo of a man who goes by the name of Brett Co…chran. He runs a so-called rescue named ‘Needful Souls’, and is now in Florida. Under the guise of being a rescue group, they pull animals (mostly pit bulls, though they will take any breed) from shelters and act as ‘brokers,’ selling them to research testing facilities, and any private party willing to pay (so odds are, they are heavily supporting dog fighting, since they like to deal in pit bulls).

We received the following in an e-mail from a shelter in Georgia that he attempted to pull several dogs from:

“They were in Georgia for a short while and unfortunately were able to pull some dogs out of a rural shelter, before trying to pull from me. He has been in and out of jail for fraud and is bad news! He preys wherever there is weakness and also has shown an extreme temper. These are the names affiliated: Brett Cochran, Art Cochran, Robin Cochran. Florida does not require Dept. of Ag. licenses for rescue groups. Please get this out to everyone you know, involved with Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee shelters. He moves around within these areas.”

Thank you Hominy valley V Shepherd Rescue for standing up for what is right and the info!

This is why Hominy Valley GSD Rescue has such strict adoption procedures (why we ask some of the things we ask on the application, and why we do home visits, etc.). It’s not that we are trying to invade your privacy; we just want to be sure you are who you say you are and that our dogs are going to a loving forever home.

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