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700-PIXEL-Flier-for-2013-SpayDay-Lake-Isabella-event$450 (US dollars) in donations are STILL NEEDED for this mobile spay & neuter clinic in Kern County in May & June.  Please consider donating or helping out as this will help reduce the killings in the shelters in that area – by prevention, which is SPAY & NEUTER.

PayPal Donation http://www.basicneedsfoundation.org/donate.html

Please do all you can to help these mobile spay and neuter clinics really do save countless lives!

Thanks my bully friends and warriors, as you know here at Apitome’s Blog we don’t discriminate based on breed, we help all animals!


Great Caesar’s ghost, there’s another to add to this weeks rescues, and he’s a real sweet guy!

Meet Caesar:

 CAESAR [A1338128] is an unaltered male, blue and white Pit Bull Terrier. He is about 2 years and 1 month old. Weighs about 43 lbs. Has been at the shelter since Aug 25, 2012.
Caesar is the submissive one. He is very scared, but the SWEETEST boy ever! One look at those eyes and your heart will melt! Something about Caesar expression breaks my heart. Never felt a kind hand or affection. Yet, still…

wags his tail and gives kisses. He is starting to love the belly rubs and the attention but will need a lot more socialization. He needs someone who will love him and show him that there are nice people. I’m sure with a lot of love he will be the greatest companion! Please help save sweet Caesar! For any questions or concerns contact the South Los Angeles Shelter at (213)485-0117/0119. *Los Angeles, CA and dont forget to mention his intake number at the top of the post.
With a face like that, who could stand to see him stay behind bars! I think this one’s a keeper! please share this guy today, and if you think you have what it takes to be a great pet parent to Caesar, and you live in the Los Angeles area, please stop in and see this boy!

Another dog shot by improperly trained police!!!! Just exactly how many of these will go on before we demand change?

The idea to do this post came to me from a contact on Facebook, Charlie Cifarelli. He has created a page: (Star The New York Pit Bull Shot by Police) here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/StarTheNewYorkPitbullShotByPolice Thank you Charlie for sending me the info and the link!

I understand the fear behind a rushing dog, believe me I do being the victim of a vicious dog attack, I above others understand that, however the dog that attacked me and this dog are in very different categories and circumstances.

In a society where we have companion animals, better understanding and training are quite obviously needed, I mean how many dogs have been shot this year by misguided and overly aggressive policing? Well there have been 8 reported cases in the USA and 3 reported in Canada to date this year, and I should say that I found, there could be more, so who knows the real numbers, we will never know about the unreported cases now will we?

Today police are so sadly and obviously untrained on how to deal with such situations, so let me give the good old boys in blue some insight, and this comes from over 30 years experience with dogs.., dogs give “bluff” rushes or “charges” in situations where they feel their safety or the safety of their pack is in question. That is Fact!

This dog was trying to back them off, to get people to step back, he was protecting his daddy! Plain and simple! This was no aggressive or dangerous dog, and he certainly was no “threat” to public safety.

My problem with this is a two-fold one, and it comes to play when I see police men/women not taking the “proper” steps in conflict resolution with companion animals more specifically dogs. My concerns are as follows;

Firstly the use of deadly force, when a taser or pepper spray should have been the first choice, and deadly force the last and only option, I can also tell you that pepper spray or mace would have incapacitated that dog long enough to subdue him. All police officers should be equipped with such items, Yes???

Secondly the dog appears to have no leash on, so again, we have a situation where a pit bull is out in public without proper protection, yes that’s right protection, like it or not as bully/ pitbull/ mastiff/ boxer/ rotti/ owners we are all under the microscope, ALL OF THE TIME, and we MUST protect our dogs.

As an example I always “umbilical” or waist belt my dog when we go for walks, ALWAYS!  I am not blaming the victim by any means rather I feel for this man, on many levels, but… had he been leashed, had a leash been around his owners hand, or waist maybe the outcome could have been different.

For me anyway, this is proof that police are NOT properly trained, and yet are given guns, given weapons that kill, and given carte blanch to do so, and very little training to go along with that heavy burden. It is shameful to me! It is scary that a police officer can say something like “I only had 10 seconds to react, so what could I do?” and all of a sudden it wipes the slate clean. It shouldn’t! So here’s just one more thing to think about if it was your dog, or child, or husband that they perceived in 10 seconds to be a threat, would it wipe the slate for you?

Many aspects of police work, standards and policies MUST be revamped and much more in-depth training simply MUST take place for the safety of all citizens, and their pets!

Here is the video originally released on YouTube: Star shot by improperly trained idiot policemen

What do you think about this? Please feel free to comment.



When is a service dog, a service dog? Who decides what “service” & “disability” really are and/or who really has them?

This is the second story of the same nature I have heard about this week, so I felt compelled to share it with you. Also I would like to give a special “Bark out” to Edward Owens for allowing me to share this with you all.

Eight-year-old Sean Forsyth suffers from autism. The Pine Richland School District (In Gibsonia, PA) has used stalling tactics and other unprofessional behavior with the Forsyth family to discourage them from asking that Sean’s service dog, Sophia, be allowed to attend school with him. The petition will be sent to the superintendent and other officials in the hopes public opinion forces them to follow the law and allow Sophia to attend school with Sean under the Americans With Disabilities Act. Sophia is Sean’s best friend and biggest helper. Having her in school with him will help give him the best educational experience possible. Below is a petition to allow Sophia to go with Sean to school, please feel free to sign and share with friends.

Let Sophia go to school with Sean

It is really time we start looking past our own “Issues” and focus on helping people. The simple fact is that children, all children deserve the right to a proper education, and personally I feel if Sophia can help Sean obtain that, then I fully support her and her skin-kid! Sean’s Mother Jennifer started this petition and Edward graciously allowed me to “borrow” his copy if you will.

It has been said that the safety of the other children is a concern, and honestly that is so silly to me, I mean let’s think about it for a minute, service dogs are everywhere in the Western world, Canada and the USA use them for a variety of tasks and at no time when I see a service dog in public to I think, “Oh my lord, gather your children, the beast is a bout to strike!” If we did, there would be no service dogs, and the only service dog in History, to attack a person was a Vancouver service dog that was protecting his owner from a mugging, so for me it’s a “no counter”

I think that what is important here is that Sophia gives Sean what he needs to be able to function at school, and frankly even if at the bare minimum, all she gives him is self-confidence/esteem it would be a resonating YES for me.

To everyone who has taken the time to hear Sean and Sophia’s story, and help out! You are action takers, and the world needs that right now, so thank you very much!

Here is the other story I was referring to:

Washington, PA boy denied service dog

makes me wonder if PA needs to accompany the tin man to see the wizard and obtain their heart as well!


Petition to end BSL

Petition to change laws and Ban BSL

And change is as easy as one little step, many states are now seeing that BSL simply does not work. Now here’s your chance to help. Please share this petition and let’s make some positive laws that support responsible ownership and remove bylaws and legislations that kill dogs and destroy families!

Thank you


Be the change! Stomp out abuse and bias. End the “Pit Bull Problem”

Please take part in creating stronger animal ownership acts. Demand the government step it up, not label and kill. The truth is that 8 out of every 10 “pit bull” attacks are not even pit bull at all! Despite what the ultimate pit bull haters Colleen Lynn (Dogsbite.org), Craven’s Desires, Pitt Nutters and others including PETA, the media and the government would have you believe.

How many dog attacks are listed as “pit bull” when in actuality they are not pit bull at all? Most!

They are in fact, mastiff, labrador, bulldog, rottweiler, chow, and the list goes on. You are listening to a money hungry media that uses the fear behind pit bulls to garner readers, viewers and listeners while all the while they are irresponsibly labeling the attacks as pit bull just to sell a few papers. I can send you countless documents where attacks have occurred in your state, and nothing was ever mentioned by the media, simply because they were not pit bull.

To the politicians: BSL is a disease that you the politicians have created to ease public fear that the media irresponsibly created. Instead of placing your focus on owner responsiblity where it belongs, you have placed it at the feet of these dogs.  if you would like to at least educate yourself please contact Drayton Michaels otherwise known as the Pit Bull Guru he made the video the pit bull hoax and is an expert dog trainer, please contact Dr. Ian Dunbar world-renowned dog trainer and Vet., please contact any organization that trains pit bulls as therapy dogs. Most importantly educate yourselves and the public, if you do not, you fail your constituents and these dogs miserably! We have appointed you to do the very best for us as a society, and the very best for them, change the laws to punish animal abusers with sentences longer than 3-6 months, make animal abuse punishable with the same scope as you would a human who inflicts abuse, torture or murder, and I am sure you will see there is in fact no “Pit Bull” problem at all!


Don’t just look away while thousands of innocent pit bulls die in shelters and at the hands of Animal Control all over the USA.  This is a world problem, we can change it together!

If it can be changed in the USA then it can be changed anywhere!

and for anyone that is not educated about pit bulls please research the truth, ask experts, NOT dogsbite.org, speak to shelters talk to a pit bull owner on the street, you will see we are not all drug dealers, and dog fighters. Most of us are responsible owners with great dogs! Be part of the Too Cool Crew and sign and share this petition today!


US soldiers have way too much time on their hands these days.

Official presidential portrait of Barack Obama...
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I have been VERY outspoken and supportive of our troops, and let me just say that my support still stands. For the heroes, the real soldiers that know the difference between compassion and misconduct!

The following videos are proof in living color, that there isn’t a lot of tangible productivity going on in Iraq, in relation to our troops. That being said, since they seem to have limitless amounts of time to harass the locals, abuse the animals, and place countless lives in danger in the process, maybe its time they come on back home and have to answer for how they have conducted themselves there.




Behaving in such ways only furthers the belief that we are in fact weak, because after all, only a man of weak mind and character chooses to pick on the weakest members of any society.

These troops like it or not, represent us when they are stationed over there. Harassing young women, destroying a little boys bike, abusing dogs and puppies, what image does that convey? We call terrorists and those who behave in a barbaric way savages, but what do they say about our troops, about us?

To each servicemen, especially the puppy throwing mouthbreather, the one, called  Motari? I believe was the name mentioned, do you really believe you have made your families proud? Would your mother be “proud” of that?

There was a rumour that the puppy in question, was fake, well it wasn’t! it body swings it pulls its legs up and whimpers, thats not fake, but nice try Motari! Catching a little heat over that one huh? What else did you do over there that wassn’t caught on tape?

The soldiers featured here are NOT heros and they are NOT real men! They are abusers, and they will remain abusers even after they are back home, no matter where they go or what they do, at the core they are evil too!

Grow up! and Obama…, get them home! Get them back to working real jobs just like the rest of us maybe then, these COWARDS wouldn’t have so much free time on their hands!





It’s time to kick the lid off the BS and the lies, & everyone better be prepared to step up!

So it has become clear to me, that the civilized countries we call home are in fact not very civilized at all. (Gasp!) shocking I know! However it is now quite obvious that The American, European and Canadian governments will very actively and deliberately look the other way on goods imported from China. They will allow laws on several fronts, to be broken.

They fail to have or enforce strict animal abuse laws in relation to the animal products brought into our countries. They fail us, the people, by not having a zero tolerance on importation and inspection standards, or the guidelines and restrictions there in. Our governments do not refuse to allow products lacking such guidelines or standards into our countries. In fact they seems to welcome anything and everything imported from China. They have adopted a “We’ll worry about that later” attitude, maybe because in the case of America and Canada a large part of our retail consumption is based around products that come from companies and their manufacturing plants in China, such as:

Abercrombe & Fitch
Abbott Laboratories
Acer Electronics
AIG Financial
Agrilink Foods, Inc. (ProFac)
Allergan Laboratories
American Eagle Outfitters
American Standard
Amphenol Corporation
Amway Corporation
Armour Meats
Ashland Chemical
Ashley Furniture
Associated Grocers
Banana Republic
Bausch & Lomb, Inc.
Baxter International
Bed, Bath & Beyond
Best Foods
Body Shop
Borden Foods
Calrad Electric
Campbell ‘s Soup
Canon Electronics
Carole Cable
Casio Instrument
Caterpillar, Inc.
CBC America
CCTV Outlet
Checker Auto
Cisco Systems
Chiquita Brands International
Claire’s Boutique
Cobra Electronics
Coby Electronics
Coca Cola Foods
Colorado Spectrum
ConAgra Foods
Cooper Tire
Corning, Inc.
Coleman Sporting Goods
Crabtree & Evelyn
Cracker Barrel Stores
Craftsman Tools (see Sears)
Cummins, Inc.
Dannon Foods
Dell Computer
Del Monte Foods
Dewalt Tools
Dial Corporation
Diebold, Inc.
Dillard’s, Inc.
Dole Foods
Dollar Tree Stores, Inc.
Eastman Kodak
Eclipse CCTV
Edge Electronics Group
Electric Vehicles USA, Inc.
Eli Lilly Company
Emerson Electric
Estee Lauder
Family Dollar Stores
Fisher Scientific
Ford Motors
Frito Lay
Furniture Brands International
GAP Stores
Gateway Computer
GE, General Electric
General Foods International
General Mills
General Motors
Gerber Foods
Gillette Company
Goodrich Company
Goodyear Tire
Harley Davidson
Hasbro Company
Heinz Foods
Hershey Foods
Holt’s Automotive Products
Hormel Foods
Home Depot
Honda Motor
Hoover Vacuum
HP Computer
Hubbell Inc.
Hunts-Wesson Foods
ICON Office Solutions
Intel Corporation
J.C. Penny’s
J.M. Smucker Company
John Deere
Johnson Control
Johnson & Johnson
Johnstone Supply
JVC Electronics
KB Home
Keebler Foods
Kenwood Audio
KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken
Kimberly Clark
Knorr Foods
Kohl’s Corporation
Kraft Foods
Kragen Auto
Land’s End
Lee Kum Kee Foods
LG Electronics
Lipton Foods
L.L. Bean, Inc.
Libby’s Foods
Linen & Things
Lipo Chemicals, Inc.
Lowe’s Hardware
Lucent Technologies
Mars Candy
Martha Stewart Products
McCormick Foods
McKesson Corporation
Megellan GPS
Merck & Company
Michael’s Stores
Mitsubishi Electronics
Mitsubishi Motors
Mobile Oil
Motts Applesauce
Multifoods Corporation
Nabisco Foods
National Semiconductor
Nestles Foods
Nivea Cosmetics
Nokia Electronics
Northrop Grumman Corporation
NuSkin International
Nutrilite (see Amway)
Nvidia Corporation (G-Force)
Office Depot
Olin Corporation
Old Navy
Olympus Electronics
Orion-Knight Electronics
Pacific Sunwear, Inc.
Pan Pacific Electronics
Papa Johns
Payless Shoesource
Pentax Optics
Pep Boy’s
Pepsico International
Pfizer, Inc.
Philips Electronics
Phillip Morris Companies
Pier 1 Imports
Pierre Cardin
Pillsbury Company
Pioneer Electronics
Pitney Bowes, Inc.
Pizza Hut
PlaySchool Toys
Polaris Industries
Polo (see Ralph Loren)
Post Cereals
Proctor & Gamble
PSS World Medical
Pyle Audio
Quest One
Radio Shack
Ralph Loren
Reebok International
Reynolds Aluminum
Rohm & Hass Company
Shell Oil
Schwinn Bike
Seven-Eleven (7-11)
Sharp Electronics
Shure Electronics
Speco Technologies/Pro Video
Shopko Stores
Skechers Footwear
Smucker’s (see J.M. Smucker’s)
Solar Power, Inc.
Spencer Gifts
Stanley Tools
Starbucks Corporation
Steelcase, Inc.
Sunkist Growers
SunMaid Raisins
Sunglass Hut
Subway Sandwiches
Switchcraft Electronics
Sylvania Electric
Tai Pan Trading Company
Tamron Optics
Tektronix, Inc
Texas Instruments
Timken Bearing
Tommy Hilfiger
Tower Automotive
Toy’s R Us, Inc.
Trader Joe’s
True Value Hardware
Tupper Ware
Tyson Foods
Uniden Electronics
Valspar Corporation
Victoria ‘s Secret
Vizio Electronics
Walgreen Company
Walt Disney Company
WD-40 Corporation
Weller Electric Company
Western Digital
Westinghouse Electric
Weyerhaeuser Company
Whirlpool Corporation
Wilson Sporting Goods
WW Grainger, Inc.
Wyeth Laboratories

Yoplait Foods
Yum Brands
Zale Corporation.., Just to name a few!

Jamieson Vitamins (recently pulled out of China due to fertilizers being used in the same machines that process their vitamins without even being cleaned between uses.)

In large part, you name it, we divert it to be made there. Due to the massive lack of safety, cruelty, and environmental protocols we are being placed in grave danger and do not even know it. Sound good so far?

At this point, we had better hope we never have a war with China, because if we do, guess who’s holding all the balls? Guess who could in effect bring our countries to their knees without ever firing a shot? I digress…,

Now, let’s go back and connect the dots a tad on this three part story;

1) Puppy mills, the Government, and the ways in which they let us and the Companion animals down.

2) Barbarism and animal cruelty on the part of the China, and the cover up going on in terms of the lack of standards in they have that will ultimately affect us.

3) Chinese immigrants who live in our countries that routinely break our laws, and animal welfare acts.

In some cases such as the case of the Minnesota puppy miller (orignal story below)  and how our governments fail/ed to follow up on these pet peddlers, they seldom if ever permanently or completely shut them down even after countless violations and deaths due to neglect and cruelty.

Allowing them to continue on, only sees to it, that many more innocent lives will be lost. Legitimate breeders do not do conduct themselves in such ways, and THEY should be standing together, demanding stronger restrictions, tougher certification processes, and periodic inspections. After all, these “millers” are placing a black mark on the title or name “breeder.”

When it comes to the domestic/companion animal trade it would seem all is fair game, the only real losers in this are the animals and the people these millers sucker into buying their psychologically damaged and most often ill pets.

I am posting several video’s below, some are not so nice, to say the least, in fact some were gut wrenching for me to watch, heartbreaking to sit through, but… the truth Must be seen! We simply Must be willing to see such evils if we are ever to be able speak out against them with honesty and complete understanding. We must also come together and get the laws changed to protect not only the animals in our countries from being victimized, but the animals subjected to countless acts of torture, abuse, neglect, cruelty and murder in China, and all for our fashion trade and trends.

This is all because of the importers and manufacturers, the big name American companies who seek to save a buck, to get it cheap, because of designers that chose to look the other way, also because it is cheap, and don’t forget they still believe fur is fashionable. (Pfth!)

We must change our importation of goods laws to protect ourselves. We have the right to know what’s in the things we are buying. The majority of we have to wear, and what we have to eat, again is coming directly from China. Nothing should be permitted into our countries without testing done at the importers expense. If products come back tainted, or made from our pet stock than they should be returned to their point of origin without delay, again at the importers expense. How quickly you would see a set standard applied, and how quickly you would see the current actions of China change! Money does make the world go round right?

Now let’s start slowly, and go back one more step, to the puppy millers. First we have the puppy mill dogs that ended up in a butcher shop, I would really like to know, exactly how do dogs that come from a shady US puppy miller in Minnesota end up in a chinese butcher shop in New York being sold as “meat”?  and did any of you die-hard New Yorker’s end up eating dog burgers while you watched the Superbowl this year?

Can anyone come up with a palatable version of how that happens? Where exactly did they all go if not into the bellies of chinese immigrants, that can’t get by on the chicken, beef, pork, fish, and the assorted seafood we sell here? Unless, as I suspect, the merchants also lie and label it as Beef or something else, so unsuspecting people like you and I will buy it as well and end up eating dog meat at our dinner tables, feeding it to our children, oh yum!

Over 170 dogs as the report details, mostly Huskies were delivered to this butcher shop. Are you kidding me? No one, got a little weirded out by the fact that live dogs, that were supposed to be going to a “Canine Culture Center” What ever the stink that is! Were in fact being delivered to a chinese butcher shop? I mean come on!  This is like something out of a strange but true magazine or a Steven King novel! That didn’t ring any bells.., didn’t raise even one red flag for anyone? Seriously?

This whole companion animal and livestock culture we have created, that says it’s ok to buy, sell, use, abuse, kill, and regard as trash, that we knowingly allow sanctioned puppy mills to ship off dogs to face horrific deaths in the back alley or underbelly of some sleezy Chinese butcher shops has to end! This simply has got to end!


So apparently you can have your license jerked for abuse and torture, but hey! No worries! You can always sell to a chinese butcher to make your money back! Great message there, and where were the state licensing officers to make sure this did not happen? Where is the health department? Where was immigration? Where were all the key players in this? Let me guess, they were huddled together with their heads buried in the sand along with the politicians who didn’t want to see this coming? Who are too afraid to pack up and send back any and all new citizens that break our laws! To afraid refuse shipments from China, to demand proof of testing! To demand proof of what is really in these products! Who were too afraid that taking puppy millers to task would be too “expensive”

Well it doesn’t end with just dogs and cats friends.., Here’s a look at some turtles that ended up being served up at a Chinese supermarket in America, California to be exact:

*pay close attention to the butchers comment, he tells the woman filming this… “No filming please” So he knows what he is doing is wrong, and doesn’t care! Awesome, good to know!


Now we go across the sea to take a larger look into the butchers themselves: **WARNING GRAPHIC FOOTAGE NOT FOR CHILDREN VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED***


Don’t even begin to tell  me that this is ok, or that it’s none of our business! It is our business! Because these lost lives are ending up on my kids boots, and coats, our wallets and belts are made from the skin these Sadists so callously ripped from their bodies, maybe even in, or on the cute little sweaters we buy our dogs.



I do not Support PETA, I have made that abundantly clear, time and time again, and in all honesty I do not believe they are willing to do anything except chirp and belch out a few words on injustice and abuse. Just loud enough to get their name back in the papers and get more “Donations”  from people just like you.

So I urge all of you, each one, to do several things to combat these atrocities, Firstly NEVER buy pets online or from pet stores that you cannot verify as legitimate, as they are the biggest suppliers of “miller” dogs and puppies. Always do your homework before you buy, check them out on google, sometimes if they have any violations or complaints you will see it there.

Always make sure the breeder is close enough to you, that you can visit on site. Make sure there are no “off-limits” areas while you are there, that is a huge red flag. They do have the right to ask you to sanitize your hands and shoes, things of that sort, but no hiding spots.

I also urge you to Boycott all fur, and products with fur from China. China’s supposed “fun fur” doesn’t look very “fun” to me.

Boycott all products from China, I know what you are thinking, and you are right, almost everything we buy especially if you shop at Wal-Mart, comes from China. Thank the corporations and big businesses for that one. But… it can be done! If I can do it, any of you can too. You will see things circulating on the internet about how to tell what comes from China by reading a bar code, well that is misleading, the number sequences are way off, for example;

It says that if the bar code starts with a 600 to 697 That is China, ok fair enough, but if it starts with a 0 (Zero)  that means it was made in the USA. However you have to read your labels, because some products that are made here, are then shipped to China for packaging where if not handled right, can be contaminated, and or altered. Keep in mind China has NO standards for safety to the environment, none for public safety in relation to consumption, well ok nothing that they feel compelled to report or change, I guess feeding people fertilizer vitamins, and melamine laced baby formula is ok, as long as you don’t get caught. There is a culture disconnect there, where if you pretend something has not happen, then it in fact did not! They routinely lie or are misleading about what they have done to these products, how they have been handled and where they are made, by labeling somethings as “made in Germany” for one example, when in fact they were clearly made in China! Crafty little money seekers, I will give them that.

The only real way to be sure is to research the products you use and find out where they are made, manufactured, and packaged. If they lie, return the products and get your money back! Secondary to that, demand your government come clean! Use your voice to say you will not tolerate being lied to anymore! Say out loud that “we the people” don’t want anything from China, anymore! Nothing tainted with melamine, lead, or cadmium, nothing lined with the fur and skins of dogs and cats, nothing made from the torture and neglect of any innocent animals. Write these corporations telling them you will no longer use their products as long as they keep their plants in China!

Speak out against any immigrants including the chinese, who thumb their noses at our laws. They must be held to the same standards and requirements as the rest of us. The must live by our laws, not their own. They must not be allowed move to our countries, and enact the same atrocities on our soil as they do on their own!

To show you how easy it is to eliminate “Made In China” off your shopping lists, I have successfully pulled almost everything (approx 97%) made in China off my shopping lists and found local alternatives. I am Still working on the other 3% through more research. But I will get there very soon.

Please do not just look the other way, we should be well past this caveman style of thinking “It’s not really my problem” and on animal husbandry. Cats and dogs were always meant to be companion animals here, not dinner, and certainly not an accessory, a tourist trinket or a fashion statement! No animal should be mistreated and displayed like that when there is absolutely no need for fur or hides today. Find alternatives!

As for the chinese eating man’s best friend, well these are for the most part imported breeds, such as Golden Labs, St. Bernards, Huskies, Shepherds, they may not be man’s best friend in Asia but they are to us. Be worthy of that! Stop selling your dogs to death dealers! This is not where we thought they would end up;


Pretty barbaric…, yes? well there’s your look into this sub-human culture of dog meat, and the dog and cat fur trade, but hang on, lets take a look into the “fur” that gets imported into our countries. Well it’s not rocket science and it doesn’t take a team of chimps working around the clock to figure out, that palms are getting greased, and things are touching down on our soil that have no place here.

What you choose to do with the information is ultimately up to you. If you can carry on then, just as though you do not know, good luck with that! Personally, I am forever changed in how I see barbaric cultures, how I see my government for failing us and the animals, and lastly how we allow the rich and elite to dictate what will be brought here for the lowest possible cost to them, and what laws our governments turn their backs on for money and a vote.

The following video was also published in my post (So you like fur), I am airing it again now:



I am not publishing these videos or this post to hurt people, I did not make these videos, I did not do these acts, I am simply shedding some light on the epidemic of abuse that dogs, cats, and wild animals endure in China, and how no one does anything about it. How it’s apparently being done on our shores as well. There was always abuse, but not this garbage!

Think about the trickle down effect that has now been allowed to pour into our meat markets and butcher shops and even some local grocery stores, and end it!

For anyone who can’t respect our laws and culture. If you want to live only by your rules and your culture than let me simply say there is no piano tied to your butts! You are free to go back to your country of origin or birth anytime you choose, but I will not allow you to soil mine!

What am I hoping comes from this post? Well, it’s simple, I want my fellow countrymen those of birthright, and those who chose this land of ours, as their own, to respect it! To stand up, to stand with me and fight for the rights and the protections that all animals deserve, fight for our laws to be upheld not manipulated for a quick buck. I hope that those who chose to live here chose also to live respectfully and be part of our society, in a positive way.

We all have the right to follow any religion or faith we see fit, even none at all, but it is Not your right to practice the rituals of that culture or religion and label the bad behaviours as religious, or as a cultural difference. That no longer cut the mustard for me.

I don’t want to see a whole chicken or pig or dog dangling by its neck in any window, ever! I don’t want to see a turtle still alive, but with its shell hacked off on a bed of ice in a deli counter, suffering and slowly dying, in a brutal and pain filled manner. I don’t want to see fur that came from an animal who was skinned alive without anesthesia, on anything in my country! I don’t want to buy my kids their vitamins and find out they contain fertilizer or melamine or any other toxins in them period! And I sure as hell do not want to be lied to about these issues anymore!

Before I get all that hate mail rolling in, let me just say this, please do not try the race card here, If you try to make this about race in a pathetic attempt to deflect, shame on you! It won’t work, Firstly I am a multi racial woman, I want to very clearly state that I am NOT a racist in any way shape or form. Race, color, religion, and species, do not factor into how I view an animal or a human.

I do however have prejudices against bad behaviour, against those who take my country’s laws and thumb their noses at it. I have prejudices against anyone that can abuse an animal, a child, or the elderly, if you fit into any of those categories, you are fair game to me, and I will do anything and everything in my power to see you stopped!

Secondly, no one is saying lump “everyone” under one umbrella, what I am saying is that this is out of control, I`m saying that the majority of people in China that do these things, do them routinely, and without guilt. That cannot continue to go unchecked! Those who do these things, and those who choose to ignore it, lack morals, they lack compassion and empathy, they act as though our laws are of no real significance, and don’t really need to be ahered to. They allow poisonous materials to be added to the foods we ingest, and think nothing of it! It’s cheaper to let it be shipped out than it is to do it right or to fix it. Simply put they have no standards at all, unless mediocrity or epic failure is now the set standard for everything!

That much can not be denied! Nothing I have said is racism, its called speaking a truth, trying to spill out all the dirty secrets that have been hidden for far too long now, having compassion for another life, even those that are not human. For demanding the things we are sold are safe! For demanding that those who chose my country as their home, do not change my way of life to suit theirs. To see to it that they do not break the laws my ancestors fought and died for, and to make sure they do not destroy what we have all worked hard to build and create!

Have the courage to demand better, to demand justice and proper care for animals, to demand that you, your children, and your pets are safe. Enough of being afraid to offend or hurt others when they so clearly could care less if the offend or hurt us.

If this sounds angry to you.. You are correct I am angry! And you should be too! You should be angry enough to stop just belching out the “that’s too bads” and the “What a shames” and get off your lazy asses and do something to stop it! Your forefathers had courage, they stood toe to toe with injustice, they had pride in their country, they helped their countrymen by investing in them, by giving them employment, they didn’t farm it out for 80 cents a day, and they took great pride in the things they made!

Are you ready for this to stop? Ready to do what it takes? Stop these sadistic practices, by reading, getting educated and start writing letters and sending emails! Show up at city council meetings!

Here are some other resources I would like to share:





I have given you all the information I can, now its up to you.

Thank you


My little h’omage to National Pit Bull Awarness Day 2011

Firstly I would like to thank and congratulate Bless The Bully’s on their fifth anniversary of NPBAD (National Pit Bull Awareness Day)Thank you Jodi for creating an organization that celebrates responsible owners and good dogs. Thanks for making it a place where even people on the fence about Pit Bulls can find truth!

Here are some videos from Jodi’s site Bless The Bully’s:



Also please see an online petition I started to make the US government step up in the right way:


Lets make our politicians accountable and responsible as well, make them have to come up with better alternatives to BSL and place the abuser or neglectful owner in the hot seat not the dog!

The photo you see here is by my 10-year-old daughter she did it for NPBAD and a special little pit bull named lucky lady, who by the way, was just rescued! Yeah!


My hope is by the time we celebrate again next year BSL will be off all the books in the United States and Canada.

Their best chance is for all the responsible owners and the advocates to stand together as one, and to treat our companion animals with the same care as we would our family. Every “pet” I have ever “owned” really owned me, in all aspects! They are our family! be worthy of them, because they would be willing to die for you.




Mamma bull and babies handed over to be euthanized all dog at the shelter are in danger, please network this family if you can’t save them yourself.

All dogs located at Jackson Rabies Control and are ready for adoption RIGHT NOW!!! Please Go and Get Your Forever companion by noon tomorrow or they will all join the angels that have already crossed the rainbow bridge! Call 731-668-4211 or message me on the page and directions and cst will be given. The former owners dropped them off knowing the would be euth’d. Nice! You let this girl have babies and then abandon her! A prime example why I would rather spend my time with dogs than people!
















24 hours is not a lot of time but please share this family asap!


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