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Just paying it forward, and keeping it going! Please sign and share!


please sign and share this petition, the goal is to show the American Government, and every governing body around the world that we “the people” have a voice and we want it heard! We want actions taken because of those voices! If we don’t speak out against the usless waste of taxpayers dollars that is BSL the only thing that will be left of my Baylee is a print like that!

Thanks gang!


Happy Dance….Beyond The Myth will be coming to a theater near you Canada!


I have waited on pins and needles for this to come to Canada, I am hoping that everyone will take part in these wonderful screenings

Please come out everyone, it’s a great chance for people to decide for themselves about pit bulls rather than just letting the Media and the government steer how you think and what you see.

PS the picture is our very new rescued pup Baylee  I think she was tired of the photo-op.


Really great pit bull video, thank god there are responsibles owners out there who outshine the bad!


Thanks for show casing the very best about the breed!


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