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Nike and Vick in bed together once again….,Nike did you miss the memo? He’s a FELON!


This is a shining example of the money machine at work, and how the victims so easily become forgotten! I have never wished Ill on a single person as much as I do this pile of puke!

 I secretly keep hoping Vick will break his leg and never be able to play again, so we can see it is truly all about the money! So we can go one day without hearing a felon be hailed as a “hero” or a “sportsman” He is filth, he is trash that needs to be taken to the curb!

and for the reporter to say he deserves this…, did she smoke crack before that broadcast? He deserves this? In my opinion he “deserves to be six feet under!


Michael Vick is the world’s biggest horses can, and here’s the proof! I bet the league is plotting how they can spin doctor this one!

Just when I think this idiot can’t sink any lower, he does! I am left wondering though, does this guy have handlers? and if so were they off on a smoke break when he said that crap?

It is absolutely unbelievable that this pig can’t even muster up a real heartfelt emotion. Which just tells me that he has no heart, no soul, and no capacity to comprehend how awful what he did was!

This schmuck is incapable of understanding the gravity of his own words, amazing! And people actually let their kids cheer this guy on, they let them look up to him as a role model! Now saying that he wouldn’t change anything, I know what you are all thinking, but read the article and read between the lines, that’s all I can say about it.



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