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Best of Youtube’s Pit Bull vid’s, please watch & remember why we must be worthy of a pit bull!

Below is a selection of some of YouTube’s best pit bull videos, you may have other favorites, but these are some of mine. Just remember that the american pit bull terrier is not what the media tells you they are, they are so much more!

They look to us for leadership, guidance, education, love, and companionship, but most important of all is to be worthy of being loved by a pit bull, 15 minutes with a true well-rounded pit bull, and you will never want to spend time with any other breed!










Be good to them, and you will have the world’s best dog call you mom or dad, and that’s huge! Just be worthy of their love and loyalty.


Aurora caves in on it’s pit bull ban. Good news for pit bulls, but owners need to be better than ever.


Please watch, The Disabilities Act, makes any breed available to be a service dog in Aurora! It’s the first step in the right direction, But owners MUST be more diligent! Check your fences for weak spots, never leave your dogs unattended, and socialize them! This ban only allows the dogs for people with disabilities but, it also kicks open the door for everyone in the future.

My fear is that we will see the wrong people with these dogs once again, so to protect them! If you see anything that looks suspicious, or you see neglect and abuse as with any dog, REPORT IT!

We cannot afford to let these dogs down! If we do, than we take a step back not forward! I cautiously celebrate this small victory, if we do our part, more victories will follow!


Euthanasia, a dogs final minutes by Kidwell Productions

Something to ponder before you say, “I have no time” or “we just had a baby” or my favorite ” this dog is un-trainable” No dog is un-trainable! Babies can be welcomed by pets if properly introduced and supervised, and everyone who loves their pets makes time!


Just something to be aware of before you get that cute little puppy, or the “easter” bunny for your kid, or that little kitten in the window, please be sure because they deserve someone who is!


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