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This one is about pit bulls and this pretty mama needs our help! Here’s the rescue of the week:

This little gal and her babies are very urgent, so please feel free to share her, let’s get this little family out of danger, her details are:

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – RESCUE NEEDED FOR MOM AND SEVEN 10 DAY OLD PUPS…Momma and her seven puppies came into The Fort Lauderdale Animal Care & Adoption Center yesterday. The person who brought them in was homeless and had been trying to care for them on her own. All of the puppies have upper respiratory and are a little bit thin. We think the puppies are about 10 days o…

ld. Mom is very friendly but she does need some help with her kids. Mom is nursing them but we do not think she is nursing them enough. This family is in need of IMMEDIATE RESCUE. Please contact Mperry@broward.org or lreyes@broward.org 954-359-1313 x 9272 if you can rescue them. They can go home immediately!! Mom’s animal id number is A1538701.
Thanks everyone, and remember if we save just one life, we have made a difference, and maybe together we can save more than we lose!

Another sweet girl in need…

This baby was hours away from dying she needed a foster she had a rescue backing her so I agreed to foster her to save her life her life being spared was all I wanted for my birthday and this wish was granted!!! now pledges are needed for her pull fee and vetting upon her freedom from shelter and her transportation and care please share far and wide!!!!!!!!!!

Wanna see this gorgeous girl? Take a look at her shelter intake photos below.

 Lets share this and get this girl the money she needs pledges can be made to Stacy’s personal pay pal is bakersgrl@gmail.com but she is backed by a rescue wags and walks and that chip in if you click on the picture it will take you to her main tread and in the bio her chip in is there:


Thanks everyone for sharing and getting these great dogs the help they need! even if you can only save one, it means the world to that one sweet puppy, or kitten, or even a mangy old boy needing a second chance! They all need our help and our love!

Thank you


Change to the “Dog of the Week”…. An update.

I’m baaaaaack!

Phew!!! It’s been a grueling couple of weeks in the dog training course and it looks like my next section will be a big one too, but I’ll try to keep the posts coming more often.

I am sad to say that There didn’t seem to be a lot of interest in the dog of the week, Thank you so much to all the great families that sent in all those amazing pictures of their dogs and puppies, without you these dogs would be lost!

Thanks for showing the world what love and responsible pet ownership really means, you guys rock!

So with that said I am changing things up a bit, rather than feature your dog photo’s, I thought I would feature a dog in need, rescue’s and fosters, you are welcome to send in your pictures please make sur you send a photo, and complete contact info as well as the city, state or province, and Country as well. Don’t forget to add some details about the dog, everybody like to have the story behind the picture!

You can send them to apitomesblog@shaw.ca The goal will shift from showcasing the breed to saving them from certain death in some cases, in shelters and pounds and we all know that pit bulls make up the highest percentage of shelter dogs.

Today’s little gem will break your heart, make you fall instantly in love and inspire you to get involved! As far as I know he has no name so I have taken it upon myself to dub him Esperodo loosely translated it means “He has hope” in the basque language.

With out further ado here is Esperudo:

This emaciated boy wondered into Jennifer Marcel (SNARR adoptions coordinator) neighborhood and her husband picked him up. Looks like a new SNARR baby…. the vet said He is 12 weeks old, 12lbs, a broken k-9 baby tooth, dehydrated, loaded w…ith hook worms and will need possible surgery to repair the hack job done to his ears. To help with his care donations can be made through chipin http://snarr1.chipin.com/tonka or via PayPal @ snarr_1@Yahoo.com or through our website www.snarranimalrescue.org

Please help me to help SNARR to get this boy the help he needs and ultimately help him find a safe, loving, and fur-always home.

Thanks everyone for your patience and support while I have been busy at school, you guys ROCK LIKE NEW SOCKS!

So the dog of the week shall now be dubbed “Rescue Me Weekly” and may sometimes showcase more than one dog depending on urgency.

Have a great weekend!


Bark Out Time for The Dog Rescue Association. Sorry for the delay guys! You rock!

The dog rescue association

Thanks for everything you all do for the animals others so easily abuse and discard!

This is some info that one of the wonderful staffers Amelia put together:

This is the new Dog rescue network. I work also as an admin on the Urgent Animals Irving texas FB page and I have the FB Furbaby Rescue Coordinator. The network that needs exposure is “THE NORTH AMERICAN DOG RESCUE ASSOCIATION” .. This is our mandate  >>> The Dog Rescue

Association & Network

Primary Objective is to Promote Awareness, Educate and Facilitate All Facets of Dog Rescue, Adoption, Foster Care, Transportation and Health Services.

Secondary Objective is to Expose, Reduce and Move Towards Eradicating Dog Fighting, Abuse, Neglect, Back Yard Breeding, Puppy Mills and Hoarding.

Tertiary Objective includes Opening Pet Food Banks in Hundreds of North America Cities, to Provide Pet Necessities to the Impoverished in Our Society thus Providing Them the Opportunity to Be Able to Keep their Beloved Furbabies and Not Have to Surrender Them to a Shelter Because of Lack of Funds.

***In Partnership with :

The North American Dog Rescue Association


EARN $$$


Will Host an Extensive Database of All Members.


PLUS >>> We ASK ALL MEMBERS who Have Do Not Adopt – Do Not Transport and Do Not Rescue Lists to add them to the profiles and to the DNT-DNR-DNA forum database so that we can have, at all of our disposal, INSTANT ACCESS to this information that will in time prevent the tragic events that routinely happen when pups get into the wrong hands.

The Dog Rescue Association will compile, through member data contribution an EXTENSIVE *Do Not Adopt*, Do Not Transport* and *Do Not Rescue* directory.

All Full Members, who are in GOOD Standing, will have annotation on their profile noting such.

The concept is derived by the principles of operation for the Better Business Bureau so that at a glance you are able to determine if the member/entity in question is reputable.

**to the best knowledge of the association and its members, at the time**

The Dog Rescue Association Database Will Contain Detailed Listings of Transporters, Fosters, Shelters, Pounds, Rescues, Vets, Groomers, Boarding Kennels etc. to Allow Quick Access to Connect with Fellow Members.

It sounds excellent Amelia and I am glad to help you anyway I can! I will also put their link in my sidebar, please share and help this great group be a shining success! I think this will help maintain the reputations of reputable rescues that have or could otherwise be tarnished or put in question by people simply wishing to do harm, or bad mouth and organization. Kudos guys!

For anyone wishing to get any further information here is there email: thedogrescueassociation@hotmail.com

Thanks and have a great weekend everyone! stay tuned for the dog of the week, coming up next!


Mamma bull and babies handed over to be euthanized all dog at the shelter are in danger, please network this family if you can’t save them yourself.

All dogs located at Jackson Rabies Control and are ready for adoption RIGHT NOW!!! Please Go and Get Your Forever companion by noon tomorrow or they will all join the angels that have already crossed the rainbow bridge! Call 731-668-4211 or message me on the page and directions and cst will be given. The former owners dropped them off knowing the would be euth’d. Nice! You let this girl have babies and then abandon her! A prime example why I would rather spend my time with dogs than people!
















24 hours is not a lot of time but please share this family asap!


Saving Casper…

This boy was thought to be dead already, as it turns out he is not, but he is in grave danger of being PTS please help save Casper, and if you cannot offer him a loving home, please share his info with your friends!

*high energy,sweet boy but definately needs training, he is fairly strong & hyper, he was great once he burned some energy off. He will need a family that is active, and willing to let him grow into the dog we all know wants to be. Don’t let that stop you from loving Casper, all dogs have litmitless potential for greatness in the hands of the right owner!

Pet ID: A1118490
Sex: M
Age: 1 Year
Color: WHITE
Kennel: 283

OC Animal Care
561 The City Drive South
Orange, CA 92868 Map

Hours of Operations:
Sunday through Saturday – 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
We are open until 7:00 PM on Wednesdays.
Closed Holidays

Thank you everyone!


This is exactly the type of “shelter” that makes my blood boil!


If and when all shelters and pounds are forced to advertise and do weekly adoption events, publicized events! People would see that the unchecked killing of worthy healthy pets it nothing more than a way for these places to filter funds in other directions, these places will tell you they use Petfinder, and Craigslist but I’m sorry that is no where good enough!

As for sending animals straight to a kill room, why? why would they do that? Don’t give, me the they don’t have room speech, use fosters!

Memphis you really need to get it together, or are you all heartless rednecks? Step it up and create change in your town, in fact go further in your state! Extend some small measure of yourself to save countless cats and dogs from an instant death! And Nathan, as always you rock sir!



“Death Row Dogs” What the hell is really going on?

Anyone who has done research on shelters, pounds and the animals they take in, will tell you one thing, there is something going on here that shouldn’t be!

PETA,  the HSUS, the SPCA, and the Humane Society (which is not so “humane” by the way) all have funding up the wha-zoo and yet they can’t manage to take care of their charges, without creating a euthanization list. The funding supersedes anything one citizen can imagine. 

One would have to have their heads buried in the sand deep not to see very clearly that there is a cover up going on, I have started to get a crystal clear view, and it’s not pretty! Shelters, city pounds, and all these so-called animal welfare organizations rake in a hefty sum of money each year. Mostly from private and corporate donations, donations that were intended to go to helping keep animals healthy, safe and to find them new homes. Now these organizations want to pump out to the public that there are simply not enough homes, I posted about that before, and I will still say very clearly that is a LIE!

How would they know? They routinely fail to advertize, or have regularly updated websites and pet finder ads. It is usually a big-hearted private citizen who takes on that job because they know full well these groups simply won’t! They are very clearly marking perfectly healthy dogs and cats for death, Why? Why would they do that?

Well let me see if I can crack this one wide open for you all, remember back I posted about Emily Tanen being fired, basically for caring too much. Now lets see, Emily a staunch anti-euth advocate, took it upon herself to start posting these dogs, she really cared what happened to them. Trying to get them homes before they were marked for death. She claims dogs were routinely placed on a euth list for having kennel cough, among other things, and kennel cough is a very treatable ailment. Antibiotics will fix that problem, but these shelters claim they have no choice but to euthanize them, again I ask why? So Emily rocks the “funding” and “euth” boats if you will, and is fired. For what? Caring too much? For wanting these animals to get out, to get homes?

As I say,  these groups and shelters are raking in a very substantial amount of money folks, do not be fooled by the “there’s just not enough money” thing.

They have their CEO’s being paid a disgusting amount of money. The SPCA was cracked open on their spending, so you can’t save healthy dogs because you get $350,000.00 a year? Come on! I certainly do not object to people being paid and making a living if they are putting in that kind of time saving animals, everyone needs to eat, but please! $350,000.00 per year? Police and firefighters don’t get that, and they place their lives on the line daily!

Barf! No excuse for that as far as I am concerned! People are getting rich while animals die! Now then, we move on to one in particular, but remember they are NOT alone! See video;http://youtu.be/skAOwWLtIOA

There is a reason killing healthy dogs has become priority number one! Personally I believe there are back door deals being made, understand I have no proof of this…, yet! So you can scoff if you want, but there have been shelters in the past busted for selling live dogs, live cats, and the carcases of dead animals to research facilities, where do all those dogs and cats we see in research videos coming from? They are not breeding their own stock, I can tell you that much! Not if they are paying shelters for them!

So when you “DONATE” think about this, is your money really going to some fat ass behind a desk, that is it going to kill perfectly healthy animals? are your tax dollars going to these places while they allow these animals to languish in pain? I thought my money went to stopping that? Guess not! 

Now, thanks to Animal Planet we have seen the good that SPCA can do, however don’t be conned, this is not the majority and it is certainly not the rule!


We need a public accounting, we need DNA testing to be done on EVERY animal that walks through those doors, they need to be micro-chipped, and we need to be sure that each and every animal euthanized is accounted for and cross referenced to that list.

If not than this will never end, animals will be placed on a euth list for a variety of reasons, and I assure you none of them good ones! I am calling for an end to kill shelters, and seeking to find ways to create anti-kill shelters in their place. Now there is uphill and staunch opposition to this, why you ask? Again they can’t filter money out, or sell animals out the back doors if all the animals are required to be placed, and not euthanized now can they?

Research facilities which practice animal testing also need to be banned. Here’s a thought there are plenty of child molesters, murderers and rapists in prison, lets use them! They are after all the only real detriment and threat to society and public safety.  There needs to be real measures put into place to make sure owner responsibility becomes paramount, and to take the focus off specific breeds and back on to the shoulders of said owners.

No one should be allowed to just drop their pets off at a shelter, if you no longer want them you should be responsible to at least “try” to find them a new home, and should be required to show proof prior to “dumping” your pet. Lastly open books and an open door policy needs to happen, anyone at any time should be able to request documentation on any animal under these organizations care, period!

Then we could really see what’s happening, and they wouldn’t be allowed to get away with it! That means we all have to step it up a notch, and demand change, demand fair treatment, and thorough record keeping. At the very least, no more cremation’s without verifying each and every pet for a health check (independently done) and a match to all records!

If there is anyone out there who has had experience with any of these issues or would like to share any information on shelter abuses or wrongful euthanizations please contact me at apitomesblog@shaw.ca all contact will remain completely anonymous!


CAARA needs our help and so do the animals! Please call and share, saving lives is a pretty great way to spend your time!

So many shelter animals are depending on us to speak up, if we don’t let our voices be heard it means millions of animals will die rather than being given a shot with a rescue!

PLEASE CALL Senator Ritchie 315-782-3418 Bill is S05363 Agriculture committee is saying that they are only getting calls from the opposition!! We need phone calls right now!!! Please – We can’t let this fall through the cracks. The cats and dogs on the lists each night are depending on us.Leaving a message is fine just remember to leave your name and phone number, so they can verify.


right now in shelters all across America they have been given carte blanche to deny legitimate shelters the right to pull perfectly good pets! These same shelters put out nightly lists of which animals will die, this legislation is crucial to their survival!

I thank you, and so do the animals please share far and wide, you may be part of the solution, and saving countless lives today!


Unbelievable! So I guess when you do your job, and care too much you’re a liability!

Shelters all across America are euthanizing perfectly good dogs, we all know that, but what’s really behind it? Is it more profitable to kill than it is to find loving homes? These are the questions we need to start asking, why are there no greater measures taken to find these animals homes, and when someone does just that should they be fired? 


What ever the shelter’s motivating factor for firing Emily, the end result is almost no one else steeped up to do what she did, and more animals will die needlessly after she is gone. When was the last time you saw a shelter spend any of that  money they get on advertising the available dogs?

The answer is almost never, its private citizens, committed employees, and volunteers who bare that burden,  photographing these dogs an cats and posting them on various social networking sites in an effort to get them out alive!

Please speak out for Emily Tanen, and in doing so you speak out for the animals as well!

Secial thanks to penny Eims on this one! Now lets do our part to get the word out!


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