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***Updated, sorry my editing on the first one was a bit off*** One for the haters!

Just a little pic for all the haters, the ones that can’t open their hearts and minds long enough to see the only thing evil about this picture, is that more pit bull and bully breed owners don’t share theirs, out of fear based bias! They don’t show that these are not ticking time bombs…, they are family! Stand up bully families! Stand up and be counted! It’s ok for someone to disagree with us, it’s ok if they are fearful of the unknown, it gives us all the chance to change minds and hearts and  nothing does that better than a pit kiss!

BayLee is pure joy! She loves everyone! Even the people who cross the street to get away from her, I guess they didn’t know its ok to pet a pit bull! I guess she didn’t know people can hate something just because of how it looks! I actually had a man at my daughters school say “She shouldn’t be here!”  So I said “Well since you are a bigot and a fear monger maybe you shouldn’t be here!” You pose a bigger danger to these kids than my dog ever could,  you teach unsubstantiated fear and hate!” That shut him up! Fortunately the principle loves my dog so there buddy!


Snickers, Tick Tock goes the clock, please share Snickers lets get a home found today!

Please watch and share Snickers is running out of time and hope!

Snickers, petfinder urgent dog


If it’s a numbers game, where’s the numbers? Where’s the DNA?

With BSL, oozing over many cities like an open sore, I have to ask where are the facts to support it?  Do residents of these cities really want truthful info from an educated point of view, for legislation that works for everyone, or for it to be manipulated and simply forced upon us by our city council members like a plague, out of ignorance? Are these Councils fear mongering to further their own agendas?

Or is it what I have always suspected a cash grab? Do they have facts and case reports to back it up? Or nothing but rumours and unsubstantiated claims or assumptions of guilt!

Case and point I have a close personal friend who has a pit bull, he is required to muzzle her when he goes out. A few short months ago a Lab mix ran out crossing the street to get into the park they were in and went straight for his dog, while my friend scuffled with the (Lab), his dogs muzzle came off, the Lab broke free and attacked his pit bull, and she in turn fought back, in an effort to get to her feet.

The Labs owner phoned Animal Control, or the SPCA who wanted to confiscate my friends dog, until his neighbour (thank you neighbour!) stepped up, who by the way was at the park that day, walking his dog as well. He told animal control that it was the Lab that attacked first, and with the most aggression.

Now I think we all know in our hearts that if not for that neighbour, his dog would be on death row or dead now. In Richmond, BC Canada on January 10th 2011 at the City Council meeting where “BSL” and a “possible repeal or amendment for fair legislation” was requested by HugABull Rescue & Advocacy, the Council flat-out told them that not only would they not consider any amendments or repeals, they went so far as to say if they did revisit it, the council would most likely they ban “pit bulls” altogether!

I felt that HugABull failed in their attempt, I felt that they were not prepared, and went in flying by the seat of their pants and did not do their homework. I knew more than they did, not good for an advocacy group. (I want to say that I have the highest respect for HugABull, and all they have done for our dogs) but, they never said whether they requested info from the city on attack stats. In fact they didn’t say a lot of things! In their defense every interaction with any city council is a lesson, one must learn how to navigate those shark infested waters sometime, and I guess for HugABull they dipped their toes in Richmond’s pool, and Kudos to them for taking the steps that no one else would!

Sadly for the cause, they didn’t touch on any points about the fact that there is zero tangible evidence to support a breed specific legislation, but none the less, to me, that sounded like a “Shut Up and Go Away Quietly or Else!” Thanks for that Mayor Brodie, thanks for sounding like such an idiot on TV, makes our little city look a little less than appealing to people with common sense and a strong character. Two things you consistently fail to demonstrate. I am also very confident that I was not alone in that interpretation.

So where is their documentation to support what a huge problem pit bulls are or were in terms of safety to this, or any community? The answer… They have none! Oh right…, I forgot they don’t need it! They can say or do whatever they want and we have to learn to live with it!

They can abuse the power bestowed on them by their constituents and if we don’t like it well…. sucks to be us I guess! That sounds like a dictatorship to me, not a “Council”  They can say there were attacks, and yes there were, But NOT all were pit bull, other breeds were a party to those stats. Only two were “pit bull” That I found out from the editor of our Local newspaper as The City Council wanted to charge me almost $3000.00 to get info on exactly which breeds were involved in said “attacks” now call my crazy but since they want to charge me over $200.00 to license my dog, I think they should be obligated to show me why!

They want to hammer on the fact that there have been pit bull attacks, (um okay I’ll take a politicians word for it then.)  Keep in mind these determinations of breed were made by a visual assessment only, there was Zero DNA done on those dogs. And one was more a case of bad ownership than it was aggression from the dog, so again, I say where’s proof? I don’t blindly believe anything I am told by a politician or anyone else for that matter. I want the proof! And I want the truth, something I am sure Richmond City Council would have a hard time with. Assuming they know truth anymore.

You can’t get statistics on pit bull euthanizations (in Canada and the USA) due to aggression or attacks, and why? They don’t exist! RAPS (Richmond Animal Protection Society),  Shelters, and the SPCA do not keep records on that, only the total number of dog euthanizations per year. Hmmmmm! Sounds like there’s a trend here, we want to ban them, but won’t invest in proving what the problem really is, we’ll just let the media take the lead and call it a “Pit Bull Problem.”

If we fear it we can legislate it out of existence, if we can make our citizens fear them, then we wont have to focus on making people accountable, and the ignorant, the Sheeple will support the legislation!

Bob’s Your Uncle, we can make a buck or $200.00 off those that can’t be led like sheep or intimidated. It can be made off those who will stand by their breed of choice at any cost!

Our Mayor, Mr. Malcolm Brodie said that there were several attacks in Richmond prior to the ban, as I stated in my earlier post about BSL in Richmond, let me just say this again, with the way the Media just loves a pit bull attack story, I find it hard to believe there was a significant problem, more like a council member that had a run in with a irresponsibly cared for pit bull, and why you ask?

Well, because over a ten-year period (unless I lived under a rock), would I not have heard about several, I only ever heard about one!So where’s the numbers and the proof? I need to see it on paper, otherwise as far as I am concerned we are in a dictatorship not a democracy. If as Mayor Brodie states  and I quote “Most of the residents of Richmond wanted BSL.” Where’s the proof? Where’s all those elusive numbers? I’ll tell you they don’t exist either, the only thing that exists is a council that abuses the trust we placed in them, a council that uses their positions to further their own agendas!

I know from personal experience, being a resident of the town for 26 of the 28 years I have lived in the Lower Mainland, that Richmond has always been a pretty liberal dog town, so I could be wrong but I can’t see the majority of residents asking for BSL, some maybe, but not most! I wanted this town to wake up and see the light, but it has always been a town full of “holier than thou” Farmers and Yuppies, now it’s a town filled with people who do not know the laws, nor do they care! They do not follow any of the laws set out by this city, so I can’t imagine they would be all that upset by a pit bull ban, sad but true! In fact most of the people here do not speak or read the language fluently, they expect their children to be their interpreters, so I guess I am a bit skeptical that in light of that, they can make educated and informed decisions about a breed ban

It is now up to us the few it bull owners left to start this year off right, to start it off by making changes that benefit all the citizens of Richmond, and cities everywhere, BSL concerns everyone across the board and across the globe, and we all need to stick together if we truly want that change. we need Bylaws that are fair, and just, ones that are not discriminatory or based on appearances.


Petition to end BSL

Petition to change laws and Ban BSL

And change is as easy as one little step, many states are now seeing that BSL simply does not work. Now here’s your chance to help. Please share this petition and let’s make some positive laws that support responsible ownership and remove bylaws and legislations that kill dogs and destroy families!

Thank you


The Real Pit Bull. Awesome video, from awesome owners!

The Real Pit Bull

So…, any questions?

Irresponsibility, abuse and neglect are the main contributing factors to an ill-mannered dog, much as they are in us!

The dogs you saw in this brilliant video are shinning ambassadors for their breed, and their owners are the type of people who should own dogs!

They are the type of owners the rest of the world should look to as an example, they own pit bulls, but they also own other breeds as well. The common denominator is they put it all out there for their pets they make sure their dogs get everything they need to be a success.

Be worthy of these dogs, of all dogs, they should be our masters I bet they would be good to us, better than most have been to them!


Be the change! Stomp out abuse and bias. End the “Pit Bull Problem”

Please take part in creating stronger animal ownership acts. Demand the government step it up, not label and kill. The truth is that 8 out of every 10 “pit bull” attacks are not even pit bull at all! Despite what the ultimate pit bull haters Colleen Lynn (Dogsbite.org), Craven’s Desires, Pitt Nutters and others including PETA, the media and the government would have you believe.

How many dog attacks are listed as “pit bull” when in actuality they are not pit bull at all? Most!

They are in fact, mastiff, labrador, bulldog, rottweiler, chow, and the list goes on. You are listening to a money hungry media that uses the fear behind pit bulls to garner readers, viewers and listeners while all the while they are irresponsibly labeling the attacks as pit bull just to sell a few papers. I can send you countless documents where attacks have occurred in your state, and nothing was ever mentioned by the media, simply because they were not pit bull.

To the politicians: BSL is a disease that you the politicians have created to ease public fear that the media irresponsibly created. Instead of placing your focus on owner responsiblity where it belongs, you have placed it at the feet of these dogs.  if you would like to at least educate yourself please contact Drayton Michaels otherwise known as the Pit Bull Guru he made the video the pit bull hoax and is an expert dog trainer, please contact Dr. Ian Dunbar world-renowned dog trainer and Vet., please contact any organization that trains pit bulls as therapy dogs. Most importantly educate yourselves and the public, if you do not, you fail your constituents and these dogs miserably! We have appointed you to do the very best for us as a society, and the very best for them, change the laws to punish animal abusers with sentences longer than 3-6 months, make animal abuse punishable with the same scope as you would a human who inflicts abuse, torture or murder, and I am sure you will see there is in fact no “Pit Bull” problem at all!


Don’t just look away while thousands of innocent pit bulls die in shelters and at the hands of Animal Control all over the USA.  This is a world problem, we can change it together!

If it can be changed in the USA then it can be changed anywhere!

and for anyone that is not educated about pit bulls please research the truth, ask experts, NOT dogsbite.org, speak to shelters talk to a pit bull owner on the street, you will see we are not all drug dealers, and dog fighters. Most of us are responsible owners with great dogs! Be part of the Too Cool Crew and sign and share this petition today!


Ace, the dog that many wanted saved but DACC wanted dead from the start!

 Here is a picture of poor sweet Ace the lonely little pit bull boy who wandered into an Ace hardware store, people gave him blanket and sent out urgent pleas on Facebook for him to be saved so DACC couldn’t get their hooks into him, but to no avail.



I think this is just another shining example of how humans view animals, they are viewed by some as non-sentient, as not worthy of the inalienable right to life.

We decide on a daily basis, which shall be regulated or culled, which shall be protected and which shall just be allowed to fall through the cracks of a frail system. Sadly for Ace, he was one of the unlucky, one that fell through, and there was no one there to catch him. (Many tried to be there, but were denied!) 

Why is it that any one department can say they have control over a life?

Ace I’m sorry, I’m sorry that you were exposed to abuse after abuse, and no one could stop a bias Animal Control Director from ending your life. He had the ability to show you mercy, and chose to deny it to you instead.

Let me just say this, I will never again surrender to animal control, ever! If this is the best they can do… no thanks!

I had nothing to do with this case but it has left a putrid taste in my mouth! Shame on you Detroit Animal Control and its “dictator”, I mean director (Harry Ward) Shame on you!




Whoo Hoo stupid takes a day off! Austin embraces the pit bull!

American Pit Bull Terrier

Image via Wikipedia

Thanks so much to Love A Bull Inc for organizing this event, and to Karen Brooks for the great article below;


Way to go gang! Now the world can see what we already know, that banning is not the answer. Embracing them, and protecting animals from abuse is the best way to keep our communities safe!


My little h’omage to National Pit Bull Awarness Day 2011

Firstly I would like to thank and congratulate Bless The Bully’s on their fifth anniversary of NPBAD (National Pit Bull Awareness Day)Thank you Jodi for creating an organization that celebrates responsible owners and good dogs. Thanks for making it a place where even people on the fence about Pit Bulls can find truth!

Here are some videos from Jodi’s site Bless The Bully’s:



Also please see an online petition I started to make the US government step up in the right way:


Lets make our politicians accountable and responsible as well, make them have to come up with better alternatives to BSL and place the abuser or neglectful owner in the hot seat not the dog!

The photo you see here is by my 10-year-old daughter she did it for NPBAD and a special little pit bull named lucky lady, who by the way, was just rescued! Yeah!


My hope is by the time we celebrate again next year BSL will be off all the books in the United States and Canada.

Their best chance is for all the responsible owners and the advocates to stand together as one, and to treat our companion animals with the same care as we would our family. Every “pet” I have ever “owned” really owned me, in all aspects! They are our family! be worthy of them, because they would be willing to die for you.




Update on the “Emaciator” otherwise known as the disgusting Kisha Curtis!

I Just found out that Kisha’s grand jury hearing was this afternoon, and there they will decide if there is enough evidence in the case to charge her. They must determine whether she is innocent or guilty, if they find her guilty a felony conviction could be next. The hearing will continue next friday, New Jersey SPCA will be testifying. I certainly hope they will see through her nonsense and take aim at her! It’s time folk’s it’s time for pit bull abusers to face the music. I want to see her behind bars for a very long time, and I would like to see her right to own animals revoked permanently.

While all this goes on Patrick continues to do well here is his updated photo;








Isn’t it amazing what a little food and some TLC can do for a dog!  And Kisha, living well is the best revenge, despite all you did to kill him, he still made it! To all of Patrick’s supporters, please note that he still needs you. Please be his voice, stand up and speak out for him. Pit Bull abuse has to stop!

We love you Patrick, you have changed the face of animal abuse, you made it real and no longer acceptable for so many. I wish you never had to endure what you did, I often think wouldn’t it have been nice for you to have only known a tender touch and a mom that cared!



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