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Whoo Hoo stupid takes a day off! Austin embraces the pit bull!

American Pit Bull Terrier

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Thanks so much to Love A Bull Inc for organizing this event, and to Karen Brooks for the great article below;


Way to go gang! Now the world can see what we already know, that banning is not the answer. Embracing them, and protecting animals from abuse is the best way to keep our communities safe!


Free education material here; Dogsbite.org, Genocide, and The Problem!

Firstly let me say I did not make these video’s, all three were done by friends of mine from YouTube and Facebook, These three men, have gone to great lengths to share what they know to be true. Which is, Colleen Lynn is a liar, BSL is wrong, and pit bulls are not, and never were evil little ticking time bombs! They are just like every other breed out there, capable of successes and failures. Just like us.

http://youtu.be/NAr94oPU_0k Thanks much, B

http://youtu.be/y8iu6YOBwEI Awesome job, S

http://youtu.be/dczi8rXqRL8 And K, what can I say except, you rock!

These are men I have never met in person, only talked to via the internet and yet I feel like the plucked thoughts from my head and put them in video format, to music! Like they read my mind, and the minds of every single responsible pit bull owner, every advocate, and every pit bull fan. They have my respect! I guess I respect them mostly for the courage of their convictions, their love for these dogs, and their unwavering want to change minds with one tool…, THE TRUTH!

So boys, if no one has said it before, if no one has thanked you for your dedication and hard work, if no one has notice what responsible owners you are, and what amazing contributions to saving this breed you have shown…, well to you I say, “Thank You!” Thanks for standing up, being that voice, and demanding the truth be known!

All three of you inspire me everyday, to keep fighting, to educate others, to stand up, and lastly to share the truth too! I appreciate it and have learned the lessons well!

To all of you out there, follow their example and I urge you to run with it! Run with it like a kid with scissors, minus the danger! Please share these video’s, please educate the ignorant, the blind, and those who just never knew the media manipulates everything pit bull!



Support the pitties and send someone special a card!

This is very cool!








Best of Youtube’s Pit Bull vid’s, please watch & remember why we must be worthy of a pit bull!

Below is a selection of some of YouTube’s best pit bull videos, you may have other favorites, but these are some of mine. Just remember that the american pit bull terrier is not what the media tells you they are, they are so much more!

They look to us for leadership, guidance, education, love, and companionship, but most important of all is to be worthy of being loved by a pit bull, 15 minutes with a true well-rounded pit bull, and you will never want to spend time with any other breed!










Be good to them, and you will have the world’s best dog call you mom or dad, and that’s huge! Just be worthy of their love and loyalty.


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