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Boycott China, and stop the rampant abuse of it’s animals today!

Sorry I have not been around gang, I have a huge work-load this term at dog training school, but I will have loads of wonderful things to share very soon!

Now very few of the dogs abused are pit bull, but the breed means nothing to me the abuse is what we need to stop. Please be a part of the solution today, sign and share.











In terms of animal welfare or protection, for standards or minimum requirements for care in China there is none! We must demand action from our Governments.., NOW!

Thank you.


This weeks dog is…..,Rose!

So this is sweet Rose, although she’s sleeping I can tell there’s a wonderful dog in there, I mean any dogs that looks like an angel when she sleeps, has to be one in real life right? LOL. I hear she’s quite the social butterfly as well!

Roses mom writes;

This is Rose, she is a year old APBT/boxer mix.  She is the goofiest little (or not so little) thing.  She is terrified of our cats and whines for us to pick her up and carry her past them. No easy task anymore since she is around 40 pounds now and getting bigger everyday. She loves our daughter and us immensely and rarely wants to be out of the room away from us.  She is amazing with other dogs and has quite a few dog friends at the park who get very excited to see her.  She is the love of my life.

Well Kristin, I can certainly see why! I’m glad she is yet another voice, or bark, if you will, for the cause.

Another fine example of what pit bulls, and mixes really are, Thank you for sharing your girl with us all, and thanks for showing more people, that responsible ownership equals great dogs! Have a wonderful weekend Kristin, Rose, and family! And remember everyone please share, and tell your pit bull loving/owning friends to email their pictures to apitomesblog@shaw.ca and I will gladly showcase their wonderful dogs as well, and even thought this is a pit bull blog we will gladly showcase any dog that is a positive and responsible member of the family and the community, here at Apitome’s Blog there is never discrimination based on breed, I love all dogs equally, and every special dog should have their day to shine and be recognized!


Bark Out Time for The Dog Rescue Association. Sorry for the delay guys! You rock!

The dog rescue association

Thanks for everything you all do for the animals others so easily abuse and discard!

This is some info that one of the wonderful staffers Amelia put together:

This is the new Dog rescue network. I work also as an admin on the Urgent Animals Irving texas FB page and I have the FB Furbaby Rescue Coordinator. The network that needs exposure is “THE NORTH AMERICAN DOG RESCUE ASSOCIATION” .. This is our mandate  >>> The Dog Rescue

Association & Network

Primary Objective is to Promote Awareness, Educate and Facilitate All Facets of Dog Rescue, Adoption, Foster Care, Transportation and Health Services.

Secondary Objective is to Expose, Reduce and Move Towards Eradicating Dog Fighting, Abuse, Neglect, Back Yard Breeding, Puppy Mills and Hoarding.

Tertiary Objective includes Opening Pet Food Banks in Hundreds of North America Cities, to Provide Pet Necessities to the Impoverished in Our Society thus Providing Them the Opportunity to Be Able to Keep their Beloved Furbabies and Not Have to Surrender Them to a Shelter Because of Lack of Funds.

***In Partnership with :

The North American Dog Rescue Association


EARN $$$


Will Host an Extensive Database of All Members.


PLUS >>> We ASK ALL MEMBERS who Have Do Not Adopt – Do Not Transport and Do Not Rescue Lists to add them to the profiles and to the DNT-DNR-DNA forum database so that we can have, at all of our disposal, INSTANT ACCESS to this information that will in time prevent the tragic events that routinely happen when pups get into the wrong hands.

The Dog Rescue Association will compile, through member data contribution an EXTENSIVE *Do Not Adopt*, Do Not Transport* and *Do Not Rescue* directory.

All Full Members, who are in GOOD Standing, will have annotation on their profile noting such.

The concept is derived by the principles of operation for the Better Business Bureau so that at a glance you are able to determine if the member/entity in question is reputable.

**to the best knowledge of the association and its members, at the time**

The Dog Rescue Association Database Will Contain Detailed Listings of Transporters, Fosters, Shelters, Pounds, Rescues, Vets, Groomers, Boarding Kennels etc. to Allow Quick Access to Connect with Fellow Members.

It sounds excellent Amelia and I am glad to help you anyway I can! I will also put their link in my sidebar, please share and help this great group be a shining success! I think this will help maintain the reputations of reputable rescues that have or could otherwise be tarnished or put in question by people simply wishing to do harm, or bad mouth and organization. Kudos guys!

For anyone wishing to get any further information here is there email: thedogrescueassociation@hotmail.com

Thanks and have a great weekend everyone! stay tuned for the dog of the week, coming up next!


And this weeks “Pit Bull Of The Week” is…..,Zella!

So This weeks star is sweet Zella!

As you can tell she’s the real deal “the nanny dog” to the fullest!

Zella’s mom says this sweet girl goes everywhere with them, and they love telling people she’s a pit mix! Good for you mom! The more the real pit bull is shown off to the public the quicker the stereotypes and false perceptions will change!

Congrats Zella! and thanks for being just who and what you are…., the best!

Keep showing the world that “pit bull” doesn’t have to be a dirty word! That in fact, you are the best of the best at what you do, which is loving your family!

And thanks to Zella’s family for sharing her with us all, it is so great to see that there are people out there filled with pride, and not ashamed to show off their happy, healthy, well-adjusted family members.

Have a great week Zella and family!


I am proud to announce this week is the very first “Pit Bull of the week” and this weeks star is…

Huckleberry and his beautiful sister Holiday! Below we see Huckleberry and his dad I believe, pretty cute baby picture right?

 What a face!

I included this one of Huckleberry and his sister Holiday because just like him, she is so darn cute and family always has to stick together! Huckleberry and Holidays mom tells me that she was very quickly won over by the pit bull personality, I can relate! She also says that Holiday was a rescue from a storage yard, well… you know what they say, one mans junk is another’s treasure! Thanks so much to Tom and Esther for sharing their beautiful babies with us all!

It takes all of us sticking together, working together, and networking as one united group to create change, and with owners like you both out there, we get one step closer every day!

As stated in my pics post, every week on friday I would like to feature a very special pit bull (and family) if the pictures include their human sidekicks.

Please share with your friends, and please above all else, keep the pictures coming! Keep in mind here at Apitome’s blog we don’t discriminate based on breed, but obviously we are trying to spotlight dogs labeled under the “dangerous dogs” banner, so we are trying to focus on Pit bulls, pit mixes, etc.,  But by all means don’t hold back we are always willing to show pictures of your dogs too!

Let’s show the world how great our dogs are! Lets change some hearts and minds, and lets kick down some barriers and walls!

Our dogs would do anything for us, so it’s the least we can do for them.

Have a great weekend everyone!


***Updated, sorry my editing on the first one was a bit off*** One for the haters!

Just a little pic for all the haters, the ones that can’t open their hearts and minds long enough to see the only thing evil about this picture, is that more pit bull and bully breed owners don’t share theirs, out of fear based bias! They don’t show that these are not ticking time bombs…, they are family! Stand up bully families! Stand up and be counted! It’s ok for someone to disagree with us, it’s ok if they are fearful of the unknown, it gives us all the chance to change minds and hearts and  nothing does that better than a pit kiss!

BayLee is pure joy! She loves everyone! Even the people who cross the street to get away from her, I guess they didn’t know its ok to pet a pit bull! I guess she didn’t know people can hate something just because of how it looks! I actually had a man at my daughters school say “She shouldn’t be here!”  So I said “Well since you are a bigot and a fear monger maybe you shouldn’t be here!” You pose a bigger danger to these kids than my dog ever could,  you teach unsubstantiated fear and hate!” That shut him up! Fortunately the principle loves my dog so there buddy!


So Vancouver Washington city council wants to know what you think…, please see previous post on Vancouver, for contact info!

An American Pit Bull Terrier looking up at the...

Image via Wikipedia


Get out there people! Bring your dogs and let your voices be heard! Even if you do not own a pit bull breed specific bans could affect your dog of choice in the future, make the focus on responsibility not about breeds!

And thanks to Pit bull happenings for the update on what’s going on there! And remember dogs aren’t evil, but people are!


Lennox, sentanced to death! All because of the way he looks! This dog never hurt anyone, please share and email support!

here is the verdict, right from the desk of life with dogs; They have enclosed a complete list of email addresses for Belfast city council as well as the link to Save Lennox, please share this and I urge every pit bull parent, advocate, and lover of dogs alike to take a stand for Lennox! He is a beloved family dog, and He has NEVER harmed a living thing! Why should he die just because he is a pit bull? And why has the family not been allowed to know where he is, to visit him, to bring him things of comfort???? WHY? Because there is a massive breed bias and they want to kill this dog!


Enough is enough it’s now time to act folks!


***Rawhide Warning***

 I have to say I have never been a fan of rawhide, it has always posed a serious threat to your dogs safety, but this is extremely upsetting and dangerous!

 Walmart sells a rawhide like chew called Exer-Hide  this particular “treat” is responsible for MAJOR seizures and death. This product is manufactured in Brazil. Incidents have been happening since December 2010 but they still keep this on the market, Please be warned and share with anyone you know that has a dog that eats rawhide treats.

Some of the dangers associated with Rawhide chews are as follows;

Since rawhide is not regulated in any way, it could happen again. These foreign hides may also contain other harmful things such as antibiotics, lead, or insecticides that could adversely affect the health of your dog.

“Choking is a hazard, and rawhide can cause gastric irritation when dogs chew on it often, gastric irritation can also cause vomiting and extreme discomfort in dogs.

Intestinal blockages can occur and are costly to repair if your pet has to undergo a surgery.

Remember your dogs health depends on the products you choose to give them, so always get all the facts first before trying anything new. Some new products on the market are potato bones, Yes that’s right made from real potatoes!

Your vet should be able to give you a list of the appropriate types of toys for your dog.


Open letter from me to Diane campbell, aka the worlds most pathetic human being!

Dear Diane,

Imagine my surprise when a Facebook friend, had “someone” aka YOU,  try to friend her using my profile, so naturally she opened it wondering whats up, since we were already friends!

Only to discover that its your handy work all over again, you were up to your old tricks! Using my profile, editing it saying that I “claim” to be an advocate, but I need dogs, why? I try to get them from different sites everyday! Nice try Diane!  EVERYONE, and I do mean EVERYONE that I have contact with knows full well I do not rescue and do not ask for dogs…,EVER! Check all the websites you want folks, Know this, Diane will be there posing as me, or Kimberley, or Top Paws or anyone else who has split her scams wide open!

You also left Holly Tate fake pit rescue on it.  “BUSTED” once again, nice try sweetie! we all know that when someone busts you for being the lying, stealing, slandering piece of crap that you are, you go on the offensive attack! You slander us all in the very same way, each and every time, Real original!  You accuse us of doing what you do, because you are that lame and un-original that you can’t even come up with anything new!

So what I would like to know Is exactly how many fake pit rescue pages have you created?  We now know you stole Kimberley Glassnapp’s name and blog link, and posted it to mine in the comments section, again posing as her! We know you slandered her every where you could, just as you are trying to do to me! We also know you have done the same thing to Top Paw Rescue Inc. Oh, by the way Diane, just a side note for you..,you have been reported to Facebook for “Identity Theft” Have a nice day!

Now lets see how many new alias you can create? 5, 10, 20, 100? How many good names will you try to assassinate tomorrow? 200, 300, 1000? I guess that depends on how many people figure you out and bust you down huh?!

You will get caught my dear, and why? because you think you are “Hot S#@!”  When in reality all you are is a cold turd rolling down a warm hill! You are an embarrassment to the human race, nevermind your entire family I’m sure! You are “almost” as clever as a mosquito flying towards the bug light!

Another side note for you,  I am coming for you Diane, aka Sylvia, aka whichever name suits you today! I may not catch you today, and maybe not tomorrow, but I will catch you! And when I do I am personally going to see to it that your ugly old ass rots behind bars for a very long time! You see Diane since you are such a dimbly lit bulb let me enlighten you, just a bit! You see chips ins have links, links can be tracked, even if you close them your IP address is still attached, just like it was when you sent me your comment Posing as Kimberley…., OWNED!

Sleep with one eye open because you just tried to slander the wrong person, I take Identity Theft very seriously! You can get away with a great many things lady but trying to use my name and ruin my reputation…, not this girl honey! I don’t take crap lying down, EVER!


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