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Just paying it forward, and keeping it going! Please sign and share!


please sign and share this petition, the goal is to show the American Government, and every governing body around the world that we “the people” have a voice and we want it heard! We want actions taken because of those voices! If we don’t speak out against the usless waste of taxpayers dollars that is BSL the only thing that will be left of my Baylee is a print like that!

Thanks gang!


Lennox is back in court this week, his very life depends on all of us!


Please sign the petition, if you live n the UK let your voices be heard, support Lennox and his family!

My fingers are crossed for you Lennox and for his wonderful family as well, stay strong family!


Sign the petition to allow a GSVS employee who has cared for Patrick, adopt him. Dont let bureaucrats let down Patrick!


Please sign and share, who better to give Patrick his fur-always home than someone who cared for him this whole time, and someone he has bonded with?


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