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Possibly the most ignorant and bias teacher in America! Forces his students to write a paper “People should not own pit bulls”

This was written by a woman named Amber Kay;

Hello Fellow Pit Bull Lovers!

 I am writing to you to gain support for my 16 year old son who is being forced by his High School English teacher to write a paper entitled, “People Should NOT own Pit Bulls”.

 After my husband died, my family dived headlong into dog rescue, and it was very helpful in the healing process for us. We worked with Bully Paws and often times took in pregnant, abused pits and nursed them and their pups into health and aided in the effort to find them loving Forever Homes. As a pit bull rescuer, and owner of several pit bulls, my family is adamantly opposed to writing about this topic as are many kids in the class. And they are not given a choice to write about the opposing views. My son and I have asked several times to write on the opposing viewpoint.

 Here is what the teacher says; “Yes, this is the paper asking students to use the topic “People Should Not Own Pit Bulls.”  When we began this project, several students mentioned that they owned pit bulls.

I said  that they didn’t have to BELIEVE people should not own pit bulls, but for the sake of this four paragraph research experience, I wanted them to use the four articles/sources I had provided to discuss two reasons why owning pit bulls could be dangerous.” 

A whole generation of children are getting their heads filled with harmful, biased “facts” on our beloved breed. Several of us have contacted the school. I just got off the phone with the Assistant Principle, Mr Cassaday, and he said, and I quote, “It is an approved topic and there is nothing wrong with it”. Wow!

 Won’t you please help and call the school and voice your opinion??  

703.365.6500 – ask for Mr Cassaday’s office.

Thank You!

Robyn Horstkamp

Bully Paws 540-645-9385

 Bully Paws- Pit Bull Patriots, Inc

Fredericksburg, VA

A 501c3 non-profit organization

Now call me crazy but…., WHAT THE HELL? It is an approved topic? Why owning pit bulls could be dangerous? Are you kidding me? And it sounds to me like the assistant principal needs to have his head examined as well!

 Here’s what I think, I think the kids should all write a paper on why they are leaving public school in favour of home schooling until such times as the school board can fill their institutions with people who can teach our children, understanding, the importance of, education over ignorance, that racial and breed profiling is wrong, and the definition of bias! This will only serve in farthing the already existing bias’ that these dogs face.

Of all the topics he could have picked to challenge these students, to make them really think about the world around them, this is what he chose?

Dear Lord! We are in serious trouble folks if a teacher can project and place their own bais’, fears and misguided view points on our children!

here is a link from BSL news with all the contact info, please support these kids, don’t let them be forced into writing this diatribe!



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