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Memphis Animal Control, so where’s the control, where’s the compassion? Animal control has lost their way!


I have heard of other shelters, sadly, with as many violations and problems. The biggest problem is the people, plain and simple. I have seen rescues that run like a top, the dogs and cats are happy, healthy, and ready for their new homes. So it can be done.

It must be done with compassion, with understanding, and for the love of the animals. I do not see that here! Change is coming Memphis because you are on the radar! Get your city in check and do it soon! Your reputation, and citizen’s happiness depends on your ability to adapt for the better.

Make us proud Memphis, be an example for other towns to follow, admit mistakes, and correct them, it’s a very simple task, and its one the people will respect you for and work with you to attain. So I ask you, are you ready for it?


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