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“Death Row Dogs” What the hell is really going on?

Anyone who has done research on shelters, pounds and the animals they take in, will tell you one thing, there is something going on here that shouldn’t be!

PETA,  the HSUS, the SPCA, and the Humane Society (which is not so “humane” by the way) all have funding up the wha-zoo and yet they can’t manage to take care of their charges, without creating a euthanization list. The funding supersedes anything one citizen can imagine. 

One would have to have their heads buried in the sand deep not to see very clearly that there is a cover up going on, I have started to get a crystal clear view, and it’s not pretty! Shelters, city pounds, and all these so-called animal welfare organizations rake in a hefty sum of money each year. Mostly from private and corporate donations, donations that were intended to go to helping keep animals healthy, safe and to find them new homes. Now these organizations want to pump out to the public that there are simply not enough homes, I posted about that before, and I will still say very clearly that is a LIE!

How would they know? They routinely fail to advertize, or have regularly updated websites and pet finder ads. It is usually a big-hearted private citizen who takes on that job because they know full well these groups simply won’t! They are very clearly marking perfectly healthy dogs and cats for death, Why? Why would they do that?

Well let me see if I can crack this one wide open for you all, remember back I posted about Emily Tanen being fired, basically for caring too much. Now lets see, Emily a staunch anti-euth advocate, took it upon herself to start posting these dogs, she really cared what happened to them. Trying to get them homes before they were marked for death. She claims dogs were routinely placed on a euth list for having kennel cough, among other things, and kennel cough is a very treatable ailment. Antibiotics will fix that problem, but these shelters claim they have no choice but to euthanize them, again I ask why? So Emily rocks the “funding” and “euth” boats if you will, and is fired. For what? Caring too much? For wanting these animals to get out, to get homes?

As I say,  these groups and shelters are raking in a very substantial amount of money folks, do not be fooled by the “there’s just not enough money” thing.

They have their CEO’s being paid a disgusting amount of money. The SPCA was cracked open on their spending, so you can’t save healthy dogs because you get $350,000.00 a year? Come on! I certainly do not object to people being paid and making a living if they are putting in that kind of time saving animals, everyone needs to eat, but please! $350,000.00 per year? Police and firefighters don’t get that, and they place their lives on the line daily!

Barf! No excuse for that as far as I am concerned! People are getting rich while animals die! Now then, we move on to one in particular, but remember they are NOT alone! See video;http://youtu.be/skAOwWLtIOA

There is a reason killing healthy dogs has become priority number one! Personally I believe there are back door deals being made, understand I have no proof of this…, yet! So you can scoff if you want, but there have been shelters in the past busted for selling live dogs, live cats, and the carcases of dead animals to research facilities, where do all those dogs and cats we see in research videos coming from? They are not breeding their own stock, I can tell you that much! Not if they are paying shelters for them!

So when you “DONATE” think about this, is your money really going to some fat ass behind a desk, that is it going to kill perfectly healthy animals? are your tax dollars going to these places while they allow these animals to languish in pain? I thought my money went to stopping that? Guess not! 

Now, thanks to Animal Planet we have seen the good that SPCA can do, however don’t be conned, this is not the majority and it is certainly not the rule!


We need a public accounting, we need DNA testing to be done on EVERY animal that walks through those doors, they need to be micro-chipped, and we need to be sure that each and every animal euthanized is accounted for and cross referenced to that list.

If not than this will never end, animals will be placed on a euth list for a variety of reasons, and I assure you none of them good ones! I am calling for an end to kill shelters, and seeking to find ways to create anti-kill shelters in their place. Now there is uphill and staunch opposition to this, why you ask? Again they can’t filter money out, or sell animals out the back doors if all the animals are required to be placed, and not euthanized now can they?

Research facilities which practice animal testing also need to be banned. Here’s a thought there are plenty of child molesters, murderers and rapists in prison, lets use them! They are after all the only real detriment and threat to society and public safety.  There needs to be real measures put into place to make sure owner responsibility becomes paramount, and to take the focus off specific breeds and back on to the shoulders of said owners.

No one should be allowed to just drop their pets off at a shelter, if you no longer want them you should be responsible to at least “try” to find them a new home, and should be required to show proof prior to “dumping” your pet. Lastly open books and an open door policy needs to happen, anyone at any time should be able to request documentation on any animal under these organizations care, period!

Then we could really see what’s happening, and they wouldn’t be allowed to get away with it! That means we all have to step it up a notch, and demand change, demand fair treatment, and thorough record keeping. At the very least, no more cremation’s without verifying each and every pet for a health check (independently done) and a match to all records!

If there is anyone out there who has had experience with any of these issues or would like to share any information on shelter abuses or wrongful euthanizations please contact me at apitomesblog@shaw.ca all contact will remain completely anonymous!


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