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***UPDATE ON LOONY FARMS***Does anyone remember the video of Loonie farms? Well Christiane Judd is on the run, I wonder why?

She should be on the run! This disgusting example of all the worst traits a human can possess, better run she’s got a lot to answer for! Christine I will only say this to you;

You make me sick! As a woman, I can’t imagine how you could allow this! You called yourself a rescuer, when in truth your farm was an Auschwitz for animals! You disgust me and I only hope they find you and bring you to justice so you can be made an example of! You smear the good name of rescue with your crimes, you are not and never were a rescuer you are filth! You are an animal abuser and the reason I do what I do!


Thank you Dena Stapleton for your update on this woman, great reporting!


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