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Bark Out time for Luv My Pet! I Thought this could be very usefull many in today’s uncertain economic times.

On love my pet’s site if you click on vaccines you will see two sub-headers one for cats and one for dogs. Beside the General Information  you will see

“Find a Clinic” if you click that and enter you location, it will come up with a list of vaccination clinics in your area with dates and times. How cool is that?


and please remember that there are many states that offer free spay and neuter clinics as well research, and you can find when and where. If there are no clinics in your area consider talking to your local SPCA to see if they would consider starting one!

I am all about getting that kind of info out to the public, personally I really feel like Veterinary Care costs are ridiculously over priced, I am all for Vets making a living but most procedures are in the thousands, and not every vet will allow you to make payments, so low-cost clinics can really help those who don’t have a surplus of funds these days. So a huge Thank You to Luv My Pet for adding that to their site!


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