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Had to share the latest update on our Patty boy. Kinda makes your heart melt a little huh?!

I am really happy to show you all the latest picture of Patrick just look at him!

Amazing stuff ! Now if they can just find in his fur-always home, it would be a great day.

It is really wonderful to see what food and tender care can do!


Euthanasia, a dogs final minutes by Kidwell Productions

Something to ponder before you say, “I have no time” or “we just had a baby” or my favorite ” this dog is un-trainable” No dog is un-trainable! Babies can be welcomed by pets if properly introduced and supervised, and everyone who loves their pets makes time!


Just something to be aware of before you get that cute little puppy, or the “easter” bunny for your kid, or that little kitten in the window, please be sure because they deserve someone who is!


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