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Vancouver Washington considering pit bull ban, I guess Ignorance really does spread like Nuclear Fallout.

This last image is the face of BSL and the only thing it accomplishes, which is dealth. My friend Kym has meticulously put together a list of the city council member with contact info, this is our time to speak up for our “best friends” our “pets” our “fur-kids!” We are asking anyone who is not bias, ignorant, or uneducated about the breed, or if you are just someone who knows and loves Pit bulls, If you see them for what they “REALLY” are please take the time to let your voices be heard!

We all have to remember and understand very clearly that BSL is abuse, its an abuse of authority, its hate speech, its breed profiling, its deciding the fate and the worth of a dog just because of how they look, not who they areMost importantly it results in ambassa-dogs being stolen from their families and put to death!

 No BSL seeks to create case by case reviews, and it only addresses  Pit bulls, and bully type dogs, but DOES NOT exclude any breeds who have the appearance of a pit bull, and yes that means if you own a boxer, a mastiff, a Dogue de bordeaux, a bull dog, or anything close in appearance you are in big trouble if this passes!

Ask not for BSL, but stronger companion animal acts, stronger punishments for abusers and irresponsible owners, but DO NOT SUPPORT BSL!

Please remember, as I have said many times, these are dogs, not monsters! They are not predisposed to attack, they do not have a locking jaw mechanism and they do not “Just snap”

Just like and other dog, they are all capable of greatness, or colossal failure. They are like children, in the sense that if you give them everything they need to become a productive member of society, they will be the shinning star of your community!  Again, just like any other dog if you do not, they will be a detriment! please see the attached note that Kym created,  and share, speak out, email or even call but take 5 minutes out of your day to stop unfair legislation that seeks to create a holocaust for dogs!


Timothy D. Leavitt


E-mail Tim.Leavitt@cityofvancouver.us

Tim Leavitt, employed by PBS Engineering and Environmental, was appointed to Council in January 2003 to fill a vacancy, elected for a full-term in November 2003, and in November 2009 was elected to a four-year term as Mayor. Leavitt has been a resident of Vancouver since 1980 and is a graduate of Washington State University.

Current term expires: 2013

Jeanne Harris

 Council Member

E-mail Jeanne.Harris@cityofvancouver.us

Jeanne Harris, owner of the Harris Insurance Group, Allstate Insurance was appointed to Council in January 1996 and elected to four-year terms in 1997, 2001, 2005 and 2009 with the term expiring December 31, 2013. Council member Harris received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Communications from Concordia University in Portland and was selected as a Fannie Mae Fellow and attended the Kennedy School of Government State and Local Officials at Harvard University in Cambridge in 2002.  

Current term expires: 2013

Jeanne E. Stewart

 Council Member

E-mail Jeanne.Stewart@cityofvancouver.us

Jeanne Stewart, a graduate of Clark College with an Associates Degree in Arts & Sciences, is self-employed with a family business. She was elected to the City Council in November 2001, which took effect in January 2002. She was re-elected for a second four-year term in November 2005 and again in November 2009 for a third four-year term to expire December 31, 2013.

Current term expires: 2013

Larry J. Smith

Council Member

E-mail Larry.Smith@cityofvancouver.us

Larry joined the Council in 2004. He was with the City for over 11 years, serving as an Assistant to the City Manager then as Director of Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation Department. Prior to joining the City, Larry was a professional soldier for over 26 years in the active Army retiring as a Colonel of Infantry. He has degrees from Clemson University, The University of Missouri, and Pepperdine University. Larry currently services as Mayor Pro-tem.

Current term expires: 2011

Pat Campbell

Council Member

E-mail Pat.Campbell@cityofvancouver.us

Pat Campbell was elected in November, 2007. He retired from the State of Washington in 2004 after a career in corrections. He served four years in the Army Security Agency and later, using the GI Bill, graduated from Pacific Lutheran University in 1973.

 Current term expires: 2011

Jack Burkman

 Council Member

E-mail jack.burkman@cityofvancouver.us

Jack Burkman served on the City Council from 1998 through 2001 and was elected again in November 2009. He spent a career in engineering and management at Hewlett Packard and is currently a part-time consultant. Jack holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is a Certified Professional Coach.

Current term expires: 2013

Bart Hansen

Council Member

E-mail bart.hansen@cityofvancouver.us

Bart Hansen was appointed to the Council January, 2010 to fill the vacant position created by the election of  Tim Leavitt to Mayor. He was elected to the position in November, 2010 and will also be required to stand for election again in November 2011, the next regularly scheduled Council member election.

Hansen is the Office Services Manager at Clark Public Utilities. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Washington State University in Pullman, Wash. and is pursuing a Masters in Business Administration from Marylhurst University. He is also a graduate of Leadership Clark County.

Current term expires: 2011

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