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The facts the media purposely left out! Irresponsible reporting kills innocent Pit Bulls and feeds the disease that is BSL!

Take a look bellow, This was added by a friend on Facebook, I’m sorry I do not know the author, however this is all too common a problem!

It’s tragic to hear that a Philly woman died this week from a dog bite related fatality, and our hearts go out to those who grieve. However, what the media is NOT reporting is that the tragedy started years ago, and the dogs were victims, too. In 2009. Humane law enforcement seized 5 sick & neglected dogs (including one with broken hips) from that house, and the husband was charged with animal cruelty. He also has history of drug charges. The woman who died also led a troubled life of violence and crime, as well as allegations of drug addition. Her rap sheet includes: arson, reckless endangerment, possessing an instrument of crime, and failure to prevent a catastrophe. In conclusion, there’s a lot more to the story than is being reported, and before we blame the dogs, we must dig digger and uncover the tragic circumstances that preceded this awful incident, while keeping in mind that dog bite related fatalities are extremely, extremely rare — far too rare to make generalizations about all dogs based on the few times when the human/canine bond goes wrong!

Stop believing the media people, they lie or omit facts to sell papers! I will only say this, when a dog attacks its own pack viciously, it only makes me think there is something very wrong in that house or there was a very irresponsible owner that did not do what is required as a dog owner!

In this particular house the owners were well-known to police, and as stated had injured their dogs before so if the house was one of abuse, I say they had it coming!

Aggression breeds aggression, plain and simple. I do not belive these dogs were at fault, but see the irresponsible “media” can’t sell papers if the headline reads pit bull owner beats dog and dog bites back, now can they?

Here is the purposely bare article: http://www.opposingviews.com/i/society/animal-rights/pennsylvania-woman-carmen-ramos-killed-her-5-pit-bulls

Now sorry to say it boys and gals but that is NOT reporting, a real reporter gets all the facts! not just the surface headline grabbing type, so again You are perpetuating fear, hate and bias. Your ineptness helps harbour a bad name for these dogs so I’m sorry but that article had an under current of bias there as well, yup I caught it! Nice try but you have been caught at it again! Try a little thing called an “investigation” next time!


Finally, the truth comes out! The media gets it wrong “Again” & perpetuates more fear and hate for the pit bull breed.

Special thanks to the National Canine Research Council for getting involved and ferreting out “the truth”


This is exactly what many pit bull parents and advocates have been up against in the fight to clear up the lies and or “misleading” headlines the media uses to grab attention. What happened to responsible journalism? I thought the goal of reporting was to get the public, truthful, accurate, and up to date information. It seems to me that they have become irresponsible and deceptive in their reporting in an effort to gain viewers, readers, and attention.

What the media does not want to accept responsibility for, is that their negligence and deceptive tactics are a significant factor in why pit bulls are relinquished to shelters and animal control, it is why so many perfectly good dogs die in shelters never to be adopted because the carry the name “pit bull” in their description. Their lack of ethics plays a huge part in the fear based bias people have with these dogs.

 they show you images of snarling pit bulls not ones that have chronic wiggle butt, they show you these images and not the ones with a pit bull happily co-existing with their house mates, neighbours and friends because a “nice” pit bull doesn’t sell papers!

Again I say a hearty THANK YOU to the council for being brave enough to get the “real” facts on these cases and expose the lies! Maybe now we can set the record straight and give these extraordinary dogs their reputation back, and in the process save some lives! 


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