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Proof of lies at trial in the Lennox case, Demand Lennox’s Immediate release!!!!! it’s the law!

Everything that this “employee of the City council of Belfast” said is a lie and therefore…..,


I am placing a call to arms here of all my readers and followers, please share this post immediately with the caption “Demand the immediate release of Lennox!” make sure to tell everyone you share it with they must do the same, this woman purgered herself and was willing to sacrifice this dog to save her job, now maybe there are those out there who could live with that as well, but I am not one of them! Are you?

Get the Lennox the freedom he deserves if they can release a pedophile if a police officer lies at his trial, why not Lennox,? He is after all innocent of ANY wrong doing!




Sorry always seems to be the hardest word. Now days innocent is something you buy not something you are!

You know my stance on BSL by now but this is a great video! please support them on Facebook as well!

Make change happen…, or your breed of choice will be the next face of evil, and atop the most hated!



I have no words!

This is just un-believable!


I knew all forms of abuse existed, everywhere, but enacted on defenseless animals? I just wonder why and what have you accomplished with this?


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