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So Vancouver Washington city council wants to know what you think…, please see previous post on Vancouver, for contact info!

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Get out there people! Bring your dogs and let your voices be heard! Even if you do not own a pit bull breed specific bans could affect your dog of choice in the future, make the focus on responsibility not about breeds!

And thanks to Pit bull happenings for the update on what’s going on there! And remember dogs aren’t evil, but people are!


Lennox, sentanced to death! All because of the way he looks! This dog never hurt anyone, please share and email support!

here is the verdict, right from the desk of life with dogs; They have enclosed a complete list of email addresses for Belfast city council as well as the link to Save Lennox, please share this and I urge every pit bull parent, advocate, and lover of dogs alike to take a stand for Lennox! He is a beloved family dog, and He has NEVER harmed a living thing! Why should he die just because he is a pit bull? And why has the family not been allowed to know where he is, to visit him, to bring him things of comfort???? WHY? Because there is a massive breed bias and they want to kill this dog!


Enough is enough it’s now time to act folks!


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