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PETA, PETA, PETA, Anything for a buck? You disgust me!

Todays unscrupulous website is: PETA! That’s right, my favorite sham of a animal welfare group! Now, don’t get me wrong, I am all for boycotting everything China at this point, Persoanlly I am not a fan of melamine laced foods, and fertilizer based vitamins, or fur that has been ripped and cut off of live animals without even the benefit of sedation, but take a gander at PETA’s page here and ask yourself this:

Is all that money really going to help these poor animals? How many lawyers and lobbyists in China has PETA hired to change laws? or is Ingrid Newkirk getting herself a new Bently this year? Pls think before you donate to a “Money Whore” organization like this. Do the research yourself, there are better ways to envoke change, real change!

Peta wants you cash for…., well not the animals in China that’s for sure!

I’m sorry but I have seen the clothes she wears, and the cars she rolls up to Hundred-Dollar a plate Peta benefits in. I do not believe for one minute a substantial amount of any “Donations” really gets there and really does anything to stop this crap!

So yet again I say…BUSTED Newkirk!



Dear PETA…, Just sayin’


Thank you Kidwell productions, you have said a lot with just a few simple words, you have my support and respect, always!

Grow up Ingrid, and stop the media whoring already!

Nuff said….. For now!


“Dogs Deserve Better” have you heard of them? well have you heard this?

http://vimeo.com/25230159 PLease watch the following video, no graphic images, just another organization that gets a little too big, for their britches, this has to end!

DDB’s Kelly Page.., you should be ashamed! and stating you did it to “teach your recent harrasser a lesson?” I guess when you have a dogs best interests at heart, you love said dog, well that labels you someone who chains dogs and a harrasser? Look in the mirror Kelly! Look in the mirror!

Well who really pays for all that? certainly most of all Joel! You make me sick!

Why don’t you give Ingrid Newkirk a call, it sounds like you two would get along famously! I have removed your organization from my links page.

DDB, you are a sham, a fraud, and just another attention and media seeking whore organization!

I’m sorry Joel, sorry you ended up in the wrong hands AGAIN! My thoughts are with you my dear!


Bad Rap, spills it on PETA! Thanks Bad Rap, you guys are aces in my book! PETA, you are starting to show your true colors!


Now I will say this openly, I have always been a huge Bad Rap fan, for several reasons, but mostly because they chose to help the dogs everyone else has wrongly labeled as “Bad”

Now I am sure by now you are all aware that I can’t stand Ingrid Newkirk and her “nazi” squad of vegan wanna be’s, that is something I have not tried to hide, I have spent countless hours researching her, the squad, and low and behold, every day there is something new about them, and nothing good I might add.

Wake up world! If you keep “DONATING” she gets rich, and more animals die, it really is that simple! Thanks again Bad Rap for bringing people out of the shadow of PETA’s lies and into the light of sanity!


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