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“Dogs Deserve Better” have you heard of them? well have you heard this?

http://vimeo.com/25230159 PLease watch the following video, no graphic images, just another organization that gets a little too big, for their britches, this has to end!

DDB’s Kelly Page.., you should be ashamed! and stating you did it to “teach your recent harrasser a lesson?” I guess when you have a dogs best interests at heart, you love said dog, well that labels you someone who chains dogs and a harrasser? Look in the mirror Kelly! Look in the mirror!

Well who really pays for all that? certainly most of all Joel! You make me sick!

Why don’t you give Ingrid Newkirk a call, it sounds like you two would get along famously! I have removed your organization from my links page.

DDB, you are a sham, a fraud, and just another attention and media seeking whore organization!

I’m sorry Joel, sorry you ended up in the wrong hands AGAIN! My thoughts are with you my dear!


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