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US soldiers have way too much time on their hands these days.

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I have been VERY outspoken and supportive of our troops, and let me just say that my support still stands. For the heroes, the real soldiers that know the difference between compassion and misconduct!

The following videos are proof in living color, that there isn’t a lot of tangible productivity going on in Iraq, in relation to our troops. That being said, since they seem to have limitless amounts of time to harass the locals, abuse the animals, and place countless lives in danger in the process, maybe its time they come on back home and have to answer for how they have conducted themselves there.




Behaving in such ways only furthers the belief that we are in fact weak, because after all, only a man of weak mind and character chooses to pick on the weakest members of any society.

These troops like it or not, represent us when they are stationed over there. Harassing young women, destroying a little boys bike, abusing dogs and puppies, what image does that convey? We call terrorists and those who behave in a barbaric way savages, but what do they say about our troops, about us?

To each servicemen, especially the puppy throwing mouthbreather, the one, called  Motari? I believe was the name mentioned, do you really believe you have made your families proud? Would your mother be “proud” of that?

There was a rumour that the puppy in question, was fake, well it wasn’t! it body swings it pulls its legs up and whimpers, thats not fake, but nice try Motari! Catching a little heat over that one huh? What else did you do over there that wassn’t caught on tape?

The soldiers featured here are NOT heros and they are NOT real men! They are abusers, and they will remain abusers even after they are back home, no matter where they go or what they do, at the core they are evil too!

Grow up! and Obama…, get them home! Get them back to working real jobs just like the rest of us maybe then, these COWARDS wouldn’t have so much free time on their hands!





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