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Patrick, are all these people really on “HIS” side or is it more about money and clinging onto his new found fame?

Now anyone who has read my blog knows that I am madly in love with sweet Patrick! Initially I was a huge supporter of all the Patrick groups *minus the one run by that nut-job that thinks she owns “the patrick movement”* that have sprung up over the last few months, but., what I want to know is do they all really care about Patrick’s best interests or is there a sinister side to this?  I am not pointing fingers here, I simply have concerns that this may be getting out of hand.

Think about it for a second, Patrick has put GSVS on the map, he has paved the way for all these movements, he has his name attached to countless Facebook and YouTube pages, next there will be some charity spring up with his name on it and I have to say that possibility really bothers me! All of this is really starting to bother me! A friend of mine JayJay  made a statement about it the other day on her Facebook page and it really got me thinking.

I have started to think that this whole thing is starting to smack of a three-ring circus instead of creating change for Patrick and abused and neglected animals.  Still I wanted desperately to believe that there is a good intent behind it. Now I must say that I personally friended all the patrick movement groups on Facebook, because I thought we could all join together to help change something for Patrick, and for all those who suffer in silence and solitude, I thought maybe it could help find him the right owner, get him more medical help, insure that he never sees abuse again, and I still want to support them, but…, there is a side to me that thinks, I just don’t know! Are they really doing right by him or not?

Now I am not diminishing anything that anyone with a good heart and the right intentions has done, however.., for some the road to good intentions can sometimes be veered from, in the pursuit of all things golden or to be on the receiving end of a flash bulb.

Lets be realistic here, a vast majority of the public crave celebrity, even covet it!  A recent study done concluded that the majority of students polled would rather be the baggage carrier for a celebrity than be President, be a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, a Doctor, I mean seriously! And I believe it goes deeper then just students, I bet there is a huge group of society that would sign up today if they could. If people would rather be the gopher to a celebrity than anything else, I would not be surprised in the least to see at least a modicum of this personality type set their sights on Patrick! After all he’s easy, he is just one little dog alone and still quite defenseless against these bloodsuckers, if you will!

I guess what I am saying is that my biggest fear is that this tiny puppy who did nothing wrong, his only crime if you can all it that, is bad luck! The misfortune of ending up in Kisha’s hands instead of a loving home. Where does poor Patrick go from here? There are groups looking to take Patrick away from GSVS and make him some side-show freak, and personally I can only speak for myself when I say, I pray they don’t succeed!

Now if you think about all the dogs that have died in shelters, with no fan fare, no swarms of paparazzi or reporters waiting to plaster their faces on the ten o”clock news, no vets stepping up to say the will forego money in leu of helping a life, and certainly no thousands of adoring fans waiting in the wings,no prospects of hope in escaping their fates because their story never made local and international news! Instead they died on a cold concrete floor, or in a kennel, out in the snow.., ALONE! All those who have been abused, neglected, starved, chained and ignored, it could drive you crazy just trying to fathom the numbers on that one! Patrick was lucky, Yes that’s right lucky! He was spared death and given another chance at having a great life, if the powers that be don’t screw it up!

If they don’t get misguided, and don’t just want Patrick for all the wrong reasons,  just look at all the fights that have broken out and are yet to come over whom he should stay with, where he should be, who should get to hold him…,call me crazy but I think he should be in a “real home!” A safe one, with somebody that just wants him for him and nothing else! No 15 minutes of fame, just someone who wants to love an unloved dog! Someone who can be trusted to do what is right for Patrick! Without hesitation and question, not for publicity, just because they have love to give that unloved little dog! 

Originally I sided with the un-named GSVS employee that wanted to adopt Patrick, but now I have to say I’m not so sure! I’m not saying he shouldn’t, but only the very best decisions have to be made from here out. Make Patrick the focus, not money, not celebrity, and certainly not for their own gains!

Well I guess all those, including myself, who give a voice to the voiceless, who want to chapion those who are forgotten and abused, we will all have to be there to make sure that right is done not wrong! I wish this puppy only the very best of things in his life no more abuses, OF ANY KIND!

My thoughts, hopes, and all the positive energy I can gather are coming your way my dear sweet innocent little Patrick! May karma and luck see you through to a great life, a new home, and love! just love!

For the rest of you who seek fame and fortune off this little guy, you are being watched! do what’s right get him out of GSVS and into a HOME!


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