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***Updated, sorry my editing on the first one was a bit off*** One for the haters!

Just a little pic for all the haters, the ones that can’t open their hearts and minds long enough to see the only thing evil about this picture, is that more pit bull and bully breed owners don’t share theirs, out of fear based bias! They don’t show that these are not ticking time bombs…, they are family! Stand up bully families! Stand up and be counted! It’s ok for someone to disagree with us, it’s ok if they are fearful of the unknown, it gives us all the chance to change minds and hearts and  nothing does that better than a pit kiss!

BayLee is pure joy! She loves everyone! Even the people who cross the street to get away from her, I guess they didn’t know its ok to pet a pit bull! I guess she didn’t know people can hate something just because of how it looks! I actually had a man at my daughters school say “She shouldn’t be here!”  So I said “Well since you are a bigot and a fear monger maybe you shouldn’t be here!” You pose a bigger danger to these kids than my dog ever could,  you teach unsubstantiated fear and hate!” That shut him up! Fortunately the principle loves my dog so there buddy!


Finally, the truth comes out! The media gets it wrong “Again” & perpetuates more fear and hate for the pit bull breed.

Special thanks to the National Canine Research Council for getting involved and ferreting out “the truth”


This is exactly what many pit bull parents and advocates have been up against in the fight to clear up the lies and or “misleading” headlines the media uses to grab attention. What happened to responsible journalism? I thought the goal of reporting was to get the public, truthful, accurate, and up to date information. It seems to me that they have become irresponsible and deceptive in their reporting in an effort to gain viewers, readers, and attention.

What the media does not want to accept responsibility for, is that their negligence and deceptive tactics are a significant factor in why pit bulls are relinquished to shelters and animal control, it is why so many perfectly good dogs die in shelters never to be adopted because the carry the name “pit bull” in their description. Their lack of ethics plays a huge part in the fear based bias people have with these dogs.

 they show you images of snarling pit bulls not ones that have chronic wiggle butt, they show you these images and not the ones with a pit bull happily co-existing with their house mates, neighbours and friends because a “nice” pit bull doesn’t sell papers!

Again I say a hearty THANK YOU to the council for being brave enough to get the “real” facts on these cases and expose the lies! Maybe now we can set the record straight and give these extraordinary dogs their reputation back, and in the process save some lives! 


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