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Another facebook scammer’s lies unraveled! Davina Levi SCAMMER!

scam alert!!!!! this woman is saying she found this burned dog, please note this dog was featured in a story in late 2009, DO NOT DONATE and please report her post as a scam, it only takes a few seconds and we can help end these scams on FB!  She has a chip in for said dog. this scum bag goes under the name Davina Levi the Doberman is her profile picture not the dog in question, and if you are on FB please report her post as fraud or a scam!

 Here is the real dog who was rescued and treated back in 2009 

People like her are the ones that give good people really trying to get help for an animal a bad name, innocent and big-hearted people give, thinking the money goes to saving this dog. Chip-In’s are the new scam of  the internet predator, BUT not all chip-in’s are fraudulent, you must do your homework, donate ONLY to a trusted source or a 501(c) this is why we must share this story and get her stopped before someone gives her any money!
Thank you

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