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Reporter perpetuates falsehoods and fear based bias.

First let me stress this Jane Cothern IS NOT AN EXPERT! Her dog was attacked possibly by a pit bull, that in no way makes her an expert in all things pit bull! She cites the myth that they have a “Locking Jaw mechanism” to hold and restrain livestock. To Jane I say I am sorry your dog was attacked, but GET EDUCATED before you speak about the breed!

You will see a link to share your thoughts with reporter Anthony Bailey on his Facebook page, by all means share your opinions with Anthony!

As far as dear sweet uneducated, bias Anthony is concerned, aren’t reporters supposed to remain un-biased? Yet again you have proven how the media harbours falsehoods, and perpetuates fear for the breed to gain ratings!

He claims he was opening a debate for the community, I think not, by only expressing one side of an issue or debate, the only thing that can be opened is a can of worms.



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