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Does this guy really get paid for this garbage? Does he really believe he’s an authority?

This is probably one of the most irresponsible and failed attempts at journalism I have ever seen. Not only is this damaging to the animals in the shelter system, but to actually say in print that animals are better off euthanized is just disgusting to me! He states that most animals in shelters are in fact not pets, nonsense!  He claims that feral animals are un-adoptable, not so! they simply need patients, time and training. I fear that the public will be turned off shelter animals because they are reading the babblings of an idiot who so obviously has zero experience with animals, and shelters as well.  If we the guardians, the owners, the pet parents of these animals have taken it upon ourselves to domesticate and make animals dependant on us, then we should step up that responsibility and not simply dump it on a shelter or rescues doorstep when we have “lifestyle changes” or get “too busy” or decide that we “have too many pets”.

Like it or not “we” are the reason these animals suffer, and to suggest that gassing, or injecting death into a living thing is our call, or our right is the most disturbing mindset I have ever been exposed to yet! So Mr. Shoaf, as I stated in your comments section, and will repeat here, please quit your day job, it isn’t your forte! You may want to try applying for “cage liner” at a pet store, at least that way you can see first hand where your type of diatribe ends up!


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Unbelievable! So I guess when you do your job, and care too much you’re a liability!

Shelters all across America are euthanizing perfectly good dogs, we all know that, but what’s really behind it? Is it more profitable to kill than it is to find loving homes? These are the questions we need to start asking, why are there no greater measures taken to find these animals homes, and when someone does just that should they be fired? 


What ever the shelter’s motivating factor for firing Emily, the end result is almost no one else steeped up to do what she did, and more animals will die needlessly after she is gone. When was the last time you saw a shelter spend any of that  money they get on advertising the available dogs?

The answer is almost never, its private citizens, committed employees, and volunteers who bare that burden,  photographing these dogs an cats and posting them on various social networking sites in an effort to get them out alive!

Please speak out for Emily Tanen, and in doing so you speak out for the animals as well!

Secial thanks to penny Eims on this one! Now lets do our part to get the word out!


Euthanasia, a dogs final minutes by Kidwell Productions

Something to ponder before you say, “I have no time” or “we just had a baby” or my favorite ” this dog is un-trainable” No dog is un-trainable! Babies can be welcomed by pets if properly introduced and supervised, and everyone who loves their pets makes time!


Just something to be aware of before you get that cute little puppy, or the “easter” bunny for your kid, or that little kitten in the window, please be sure because they deserve someone who is!


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