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Just a couple of words and visuals for Nike and Subway to consider.

We all know BET could care less they have decided to lay down with a dog killer for two simple reasons;

1) Michael Vick is African-American, and don’t try to tell me I’m wrong here, would they have had any interest in him at all if he wasn’t?

2) Mr. Death, ooops, I mean Vick represents a boat load of cash for them!

So here you are Subway and Nike, enjoy! Enjoy knowing you are sell-outs and cowards, just like all the others who line up to shake hands with the devil. I hope you can all sleep well knowing you have sided with a felon and a dog killer!

As far as this last image goes, never forget and DO NOT fool yourself, Michael Vick did this to many of the dogs on his property, and much, much, worse!

That is the man they have chosen to be their “Spokesman” and or “Sportsman Award Winner!” They’ve got themselves a real Icon there ladies and gentlemen! Do you want your kids looking up to that? Just curious.


***Ding Ding Ding*** Another Pillar of the community right here…..,NOT! Ladies and Gents meet Patrick Caleb Land, dog killer.

Patrick Caleb Land, 25 accused of beating his then-girlfriend’s three dogs to death in the couple’s home last fall pleaded not guilty Monday to three counts of animal abuse.Patrick Caleb Land, 25, was ordered held on $250,000 bail.

Land called his girlfriend last Sept. 20, telling her that he had come home to find Josh, her 60-pound, 8-year-old Golden Retriever mix, dead. Three weeks later, on Oct. 14, Land again called his girlfriend to tell her that he had found her dogs Jackie, a 9-year-old, 70-pound white Shepherd mix, and Pikanik, a 50-pound mixed breed, dead in a bedroom.

The woman ordered necropsies on the dogs and a veterinarian determined they were beaten to death, Randall said. “They had massive internal injuries,” the prosecutor told reporters outside the courtroom. “They bled to death internally and there was evidence also that there were attempts to suffocate them and restrain them with something over their heads to prevent them from biting and vocalizing what was going on.”

Land, who had scratches on him after Jackie and Pikanik died, said they happened when he fell into a bush, according to the prosecutor.
The defendant’s DNA was found under Pikanik’s nails, Randall said.

Land fled San Diego after the two dogs died and was arrested April 19 in Greensboro, N.C., the prosecutor said.

Hopefully stories like these will bring about change from the public, until we DEMAND stronger animal abuse and cruelty laws, this will continue, and people like this will get away with it!

I am sharing this so that every woman in the free world will know this is who he is and what he will do to your pets, if he can kill your dogs, you could be next!


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