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I am completely at a loss for words! What is this garbage? Boycott all products from the creator of this game and Android software!

Contact and boycott android,  please read on for details as to why.

The following link goes to game called “Dog Wars” where you raise, train, and yes you guessed it fight your virtual dogs! Not only is this in absolute bad taste, it sets back the movement to change the face of pit bulls! I am disgusted that this could reach the masses, Please help stop this game developer from taking this to the mainstream!


Never before have I been so angry, so sick to my stomach, and so very disappointed in humanity! When you can make a game supporting the fighting of dogs real or virtual, you set these dogs up for more abuse and death! You send a message that dog fighting is cool, and a great idea. Please Complain to “Android Software” and ask this game be pulled immediately!

Thank you!


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