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Ace, the dog that many wanted saved but DACC wanted dead from the start!

 Here is a picture of poor sweet Ace the lonely little pit bull boy who wandered into an Ace hardware store, people gave him blanket and sent out urgent pleas on Facebook for him to be saved so DACC couldn’t get their hooks into him, but to no avail.



I think this is just another shining example of how humans view animals, they are viewed by some as non-sentient, as not worthy of the inalienable right to life.

We decide on a daily basis, which shall be regulated or culled, which shall be protected and which shall just be allowed to fall through the cracks of a frail system. Sadly for Ace, he was one of the unlucky, one that fell through, and there was no one there to catch him. (Many tried to be there, but were denied!) 

Why is it that any one department can say they have control over a life?

Ace I’m sorry, I’m sorry that you were exposed to abuse after abuse, and no one could stop a bias Animal Control Director from ending your life. He had the ability to show you mercy, and chose to deny it to you instead.

Let me just say this, I will never again surrender to animal control, ever! If this is the best they can do… no thanks!

I had nothing to do with this case but it has left a putrid taste in my mouth! Shame on you Detroit Animal Control and its “dictator”, I mean director (Harry Ward) Shame on you!




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