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***Update at bottom of post***Big surprise here.., PETA is back to hating pit bulls again! They say pit bulls shouldn’t be adopted from shelters.

Second dogs first smile. Happy Pit Bull.

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Love those yo-yo’s!


Ingrid and crew, please keep doing what you are doing, because with every move you make, you show the world what absolute loons you really are!

So on behalf of the intelligent and educated faction, we thank you! As for pit bulls not making good adoptables, I pose this question;

How many of you out there have  adopted a pit bull, and had great experiences?

How many have had bad experiences?

Please post your stories and comments under the comment section or email them directly to apitomesblog@shaw.ca and I will post each and every one of them! Lets see which outweighs the other, shall we?

and again PETA, Bwah hahahahaha! You guys just crack me up! What will your stance be next week? That you love them and they are the best pets ever?

And it’s official they love them again hahahahaha! This group is insane! now they want to help them again, but wait for it…,it should only take a week or so and they will be back to advocating euthanizations again! Ingrid, honey.., please quit your day job. YOU SUCK!


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