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Beyond the Myth Free screening for a limited time!!!!!!!!

This is a wonderful documentary! It is an opportunity for those who missed this at other locations and screenings to see it now, Please share this and Help educate those in your area that may not know all there is to know about pit bulls and bully breeds.

Starting today Oct. 26th and continuing through Nov. 2nd, Beyond the Myth will be available on Hulu.com for free! This is an amazing opportunity for all fans, owners, advocates or just people that want to see the real deal, not corn fed lies from dogsbite.org and PETA. It’sa chance to promote to friends via email and social media or put a link to it on your website! The trailer is up and free viewing begins today!

Beyond The Myth video link

I Absolutely want to thank the wonderful folks behind Beyond the Myth, and hulu.com for making this possible and for helping the bully owner and advocate community in busting down these stereotypes and lies about our dogs!

please get this out there, please help create a positive change for these dogs before it’s too late!


PACT for animals, and Beyond The Myth what a great group of people working to save our dogs!

I just wanted to take a moment to introduce some of you to Pact For Animals, this is a wonderful organization focused on ending breed discrimination, for education, and now foster programs for military personnel who would otherwise have to surrender their pets while serving overseas. So please check out there website, share it with friends and if you can help them out with fostering please do so!

I have spoken with Buzz and his team directly and they are all such passionate and dedicated people. Buzz also has helped produce Beyond The Myth for those of you not familiar with it, Beyond The Myth is a film that focuses on breed discrimination, and the pit bull perception, or misconception as is so often the case.

Their websites also offer many valuable resources to Pit Bull/bully owners and advocates. please check them both out today and share their websites with friends.

It’s great to see so many people not just in one country but now, around the globe now willing to not only help these dogs, but also to educate themselves on the various breeds under the “pit bull” umbrella, and see them for what they are.

We are no longer the little engine that could folks, we are making changes that will last a lifetime! As long as we do our part to make sure that our dogs are the best possible ambassadors, and members of the community as well, we will succeed in seeing the end of BSL and bully bias.

I’d personally like to thank Buzz Miller and his wonderful team for creating such a wonderful organization, and doing all they can to help educate the public and tear down the walls of fear the media has built up around our dogs, so thanks Buzz and great work!

As for all the wonderful and dedicated people behind, and in front of the cameras and website at Beyond The Myth Thank you all very much for everything you do! Each person that takes a stand and speaks out against BSL and breed bias is changing the fate of these dogs for the better, and hopefully for a long time to come!


Sorry its late but this weeks dog in need is Chopper! please share him as URGENT he is running out of time!!!

 Is this not one of the best looking boys you have ever seen? here is a little about chopper it comes from a wonderful lady named Stacy Shofner: This is chopper, choppers story is this; his owners are moving to a state that has BSL laws and cannot take him. We just found out and they are leaving on the 18th. Chopper is very urgent for a foster or home or he will end up back at the shelter were he came from about 5 years ago he is a gentle giant he is fixed and has had some shots please share him far and wide we only have days!!!!!!! any one interested can contact me at 661-889-2407 thanks guys he’s got only 8 days left and hell be heading to the shelter!!!

So let’s do everything the internet will allow and get moving on this boy please, please,  share him with trusted friends and rescues this boy deserves a home, not to end up euthanized at a shelter, just another sad pit statistic.

Chopper is located in Kern county Los Angeles. I believe but stacy will narrow it down for those interested.

Thanks you very much!


Change to the “Dog of the Week”…. An update.

I’m baaaaaack!

Phew!!! It’s been a grueling couple of weeks in the dog training course and it looks like my next section will be a big one too, but I’ll try to keep the posts coming more often.

I am sad to say that There didn’t seem to be a lot of interest in the dog of the week, Thank you so much to all the great families that sent in all those amazing pictures of their dogs and puppies, without you these dogs would be lost!

Thanks for showing the world what love and responsible pet ownership really means, you guys rock!

So with that said I am changing things up a bit, rather than feature your dog photo’s, I thought I would feature a dog in need, rescue’s and fosters, you are welcome to send in your pictures please make sur you send a photo, and complete contact info as well as the city, state or province, and Country as well. Don’t forget to add some details about the dog, everybody like to have the story behind the picture!

You can send them to apitomesblog@shaw.ca The goal will shift from showcasing the breed to saving them from certain death in some cases, in shelters and pounds and we all know that pit bulls make up the highest percentage of shelter dogs.

Today’s little gem will break your heart, make you fall instantly in love and inspire you to get involved! As far as I know he has no name so I have taken it upon myself to dub him Esperodo loosely translated it means “He has hope” in the basque language.

With out further ado here is Esperudo:

This emaciated boy wondered into Jennifer Marcel (SNARR adoptions coordinator) neighborhood and her husband picked him up. Looks like a new SNARR baby…. the vet said He is 12 weeks old, 12lbs, a broken k-9 baby tooth, dehydrated, loaded w…ith hook worms and will need possible surgery to repair the hack job done to his ears. To help with his care donations can be made through chipin http://snarr1.chipin.com/tonka or via PayPal @ snarr_1@Yahoo.com or through our website www.snarranimalrescue.org

Please help me to help SNARR to get this boy the help he needs and ultimately help him find a safe, loving, and fur-always home.

Thanks everyone for your patience and support while I have been busy at school, you guys ROCK LIKE NEW SOCKS!

So the dog of the week shall now be dubbed “Rescue Me Weekly” and may sometimes showcase more than one dog depending on urgency.

Have a great weekend!


And this weeks “Pit Bull Of The Week” is…..,Zella!

So This weeks star is sweet Zella!

As you can tell she’s the real deal “the nanny dog” to the fullest!

Zella’s mom says this sweet girl goes everywhere with them, and they love telling people she’s a pit mix! Good for you mom! The more the real pit bull is shown off to the public the quicker the stereotypes and false perceptions will change!

Congrats Zella! and thanks for being just who and what you are…., the best!

Keep showing the world that “pit bull” doesn’t have to be a dirty word! That in fact, you are the best of the best at what you do, which is loving your family!

And thanks to Zella’s family for sharing her with us all, it is so great to see that there are people out there filled with pride, and not ashamed to show off their happy, healthy, well-adjusted family members.

Have a great week Zella and family!


Bark out time for my Baylee she’s on Youtube!!!!

I must first explain the channel name, My Damn Dog…, Well my daughter and I were jokingly fighting over Baylee her first night with us, Noa said “Is she my dog?” and I said “No she’s my dog.” joking obviously. Well we got on a real role over who was going to own the worlds greatest pit bull! Translation: (It’s my damn dog! No, it’s my damn dog!) We love Baylee with all our hearts so no hate mail please 🙂 I joke a lot with my kids, I teach them that there’s many things about life you have to laugh at… including yourself!

We want to see This YouTube channel succeed, to bring the public around, to show them that pit bull’s really are just like any other dog, they are capable of all the same things, success and failure! It’s the guardian/parent that shapes the dog just as they would a child!

Thank you so much everyone your support since day one is very humbling to me, my family, and yes, even Baylee. You have helped me with every post, in changing the way the rest of the world looks at Pit Bulls, bully breeds, and even the breeds who just look like pit bulls, so on behalf of Baylee I will simply say, once again, Thank You Very Much! She went from a little starved dog slated to be euthanized, a dog that looked so beat down and pathetic, even I wasn’t really ready for some of the behaviours I saw in her, so scared, so timid and untrusting of what may come next, to a dog that will not be brought down! She’s a star! She has come a long way, and still has a way to go, but she is changing everyday, becoming what I affectionately call “My Little Barnacle” Here are some pictures of Baylee the first ones are how she looked when we got her, the others are as she is today.

Love that dog!

Here are her first two YouTube videos please enjoy, like, share, comment, subscribe to the :MyDamnDog channel!

Send us video ideas, things you’d like to see. Eventually we will be doing reviews on dog food and dog related products.

We want the world to see how funny life with a pit bull can be, most of all we want to share our funny videos of the little pit bull that could with all of you!

My Damn Dog gets serenaded to sleep

My Damn Dog hates air (short)

Thanks everyone, and have a great day!


Sorry for the language in the lyrics but if you get past that…., it’s the best pro pit bull video of all time!

The Great American Pit Bull Terrier!

Nuff said!

Haters, you just go on and keep hating! I feel for you, you will never know what having a best friend, a loyal companion, a protector til death is really all about!


I love Total Dog!

English: American Pit Bull Terrier

Image via Wikipedia

This was a great article for those on the fence over which dog poses the biggest risk to society and other animals. Thanks Total Dog Magazine, I am sending a huge bark out just for you!

and the most dangerous dog is….

Finally a little truth is spoken, breed absolutely does not play a factor in whether or not a dog will bite. It’s time for people to wake up a tad, and see that it all starts and ends with the human. How do you train, raise, feed, and love your dog? That is key!

Remember that the next time you hear the media shout “Pit Bull” from the roof tops and don’t forget to ask did they check breed DNA or could this one be a ridgeback, or mastiff, or lab too!


***Updated, sorry my editing on the first one was a bit off*** One for the haters!

Just a little pic for all the haters, the ones that can’t open their hearts and minds long enough to see the only thing evil about this picture, is that more pit bull and bully breed owners don’t share theirs, out of fear based bias! They don’t show that these are not ticking time bombs…, they are family! Stand up bully families! Stand up and be counted! It’s ok for someone to disagree with us, it’s ok if they are fearful of the unknown, it gives us all the chance to change minds and hearts and  nothing does that better than a pit kiss!

BayLee is pure joy! She loves everyone! Even the people who cross the street to get away from her, I guess they didn’t know its ok to pet a pit bull! I guess she didn’t know people can hate something just because of how it looks! I actually had a man at my daughters school say “She shouldn’t be here!”  So I said “Well since you are a bigot and a fear monger maybe you shouldn’t be here!” You pose a bigger danger to these kids than my dog ever could,  you teach unsubstantiated fear and hate!” That shut him up! Fortunately the principle loves my dog so there buddy!


If it’s a numbers game, where’s the numbers? Where’s the DNA?

With BSL, oozing over many cities like an open sore, I have to ask where are the facts to support it?  Do residents of these cities really want truthful info from an educated point of view, for legislation that works for everyone, or for it to be manipulated and simply forced upon us by our city council members like a plague, out of ignorance? Are these Councils fear mongering to further their own agendas?

Or is it what I have always suspected a cash grab? Do they have facts and case reports to back it up? Or nothing but rumours and unsubstantiated claims or assumptions of guilt!

Case and point I have a close personal friend who has a pit bull, he is required to muzzle her when he goes out. A few short months ago a Lab mix ran out crossing the street to get into the park they were in and went straight for his dog, while my friend scuffled with the (Lab), his dogs muzzle came off, the Lab broke free and attacked his pit bull, and she in turn fought back, in an effort to get to her feet.

The Labs owner phoned Animal Control, or the SPCA who wanted to confiscate my friends dog, until his neighbour (thank you neighbour!) stepped up, who by the way was at the park that day, walking his dog as well. He told animal control that it was the Lab that attacked first, and with the most aggression.

Now I think we all know in our hearts that if not for that neighbour, his dog would be on death row or dead now. In Richmond, BC Canada on January 10th 2011 at the City Council meeting where “BSL” and a “possible repeal or amendment for fair legislation” was requested by HugABull Rescue & Advocacy, the Council flat-out told them that not only would they not consider any amendments or repeals, they went so far as to say if they did revisit it, the council would most likely they ban “pit bulls” altogether!

I felt that HugABull failed in their attempt, I felt that they were not prepared, and went in flying by the seat of their pants and did not do their homework. I knew more than they did, not good for an advocacy group. (I want to say that I have the highest respect for HugABull, and all they have done for our dogs) but, they never said whether they requested info from the city on attack stats. In fact they didn’t say a lot of things! In their defense every interaction with any city council is a lesson, one must learn how to navigate those shark infested waters sometime, and I guess for HugABull they dipped their toes in Richmond’s pool, and Kudos to them for taking the steps that no one else would!

Sadly for the cause, they didn’t touch on any points about the fact that there is zero tangible evidence to support a breed specific legislation, but none the less, to me, that sounded like a “Shut Up and Go Away Quietly or Else!” Thanks for that Mayor Brodie, thanks for sounding like such an idiot on TV, makes our little city look a little less than appealing to people with common sense and a strong character. Two things you consistently fail to demonstrate. I am also very confident that I was not alone in that interpretation.

So where is their documentation to support what a huge problem pit bulls are or were in terms of safety to this, or any community? The answer… They have none! Oh right…, I forgot they don’t need it! They can say or do whatever they want and we have to learn to live with it!

They can abuse the power bestowed on them by their constituents and if we don’t like it well…. sucks to be us I guess! That sounds like a dictatorship to me, not a “Council”  They can say there were attacks, and yes there were, But NOT all were pit bull, other breeds were a party to those stats. Only two were “pit bull” That I found out from the editor of our Local newspaper as The City Council wanted to charge me almost $3000.00 to get info on exactly which breeds were involved in said “attacks” now call my crazy but since they want to charge me over $200.00 to license my dog, I think they should be obligated to show me why!

They want to hammer on the fact that there have been pit bull attacks, (um okay I’ll take a politicians word for it then.)  Keep in mind these determinations of breed were made by a visual assessment only, there was Zero DNA done on those dogs. And one was more a case of bad ownership than it was aggression from the dog, so again, I say where’s proof? I don’t blindly believe anything I am told by a politician or anyone else for that matter. I want the proof! And I want the truth, something I am sure Richmond City Council would have a hard time with. Assuming they know truth anymore.

You can’t get statistics on pit bull euthanizations (in Canada and the USA) due to aggression or attacks, and why? They don’t exist! RAPS (Richmond Animal Protection Society),  Shelters, and the SPCA do not keep records on that, only the total number of dog euthanizations per year. Hmmmmm! Sounds like there’s a trend here, we want to ban them, but won’t invest in proving what the problem really is, we’ll just let the media take the lead and call it a “Pit Bull Problem.”

If we fear it we can legislate it out of existence, if we can make our citizens fear them, then we wont have to focus on making people accountable, and the ignorant, the Sheeple will support the legislation!

Bob’s Your Uncle, we can make a buck or $200.00 off those that can’t be led like sheep or intimidated. It can be made off those who will stand by their breed of choice at any cost!

Our Mayor, Mr. Malcolm Brodie said that there were several attacks in Richmond prior to the ban, as I stated in my earlier post about BSL in Richmond, let me just say this again, with the way the Media just loves a pit bull attack story, I find it hard to believe there was a significant problem, more like a council member that had a run in with a irresponsibly cared for pit bull, and why you ask?

Well, because over a ten-year period (unless I lived under a rock), would I not have heard about several, I only ever heard about one!So where’s the numbers and the proof? I need to see it on paper, otherwise as far as I am concerned we are in a dictatorship not a democracy. If as Mayor Brodie states  and I quote “Most of the residents of Richmond wanted BSL.” Where’s the proof? Where’s all those elusive numbers? I’ll tell you they don’t exist either, the only thing that exists is a council that abuses the trust we placed in them, a council that uses their positions to further their own agendas!

I know from personal experience, being a resident of the town for 26 of the 28 years I have lived in the Lower Mainland, that Richmond has always been a pretty liberal dog town, so I could be wrong but I can’t see the majority of residents asking for BSL, some maybe, but not most! I wanted this town to wake up and see the light, but it has always been a town full of “holier than thou” Farmers and Yuppies, now it’s a town filled with people who do not know the laws, nor do they care! They do not follow any of the laws set out by this city, so I can’t imagine they would be all that upset by a pit bull ban, sad but true! In fact most of the people here do not speak or read the language fluently, they expect their children to be their interpreters, so I guess I am a bit skeptical that in light of that, they can make educated and informed decisions about a breed ban

It is now up to us the few it bull owners left to start this year off right, to start it off by making changes that benefit all the citizens of Richmond, and cities everywhere, BSL concerns everyone across the board and across the globe, and we all need to stick together if we truly want that change. we need Bylaws that are fair, and just, ones that are not discriminatory or based on appearances.


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