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Word on the street is Lennox Verdict to be expected Friday.

I have scrutinized this process from the get go, in fact this city council has done everything in its power to uphold this illegal seizure, including lying to the public, their constituents! We must all speak up NOW! please follow all the voices who came before you and shout out! Email Belfast city council, or they have a Facebook page, please include the phrases “The world is watching you!” and “Free Lennox now!”

The point is we want them to understand clearly that we are one voice and “We” are behind Lennox all the way!

Thank you very much everyone!



Proof of lies at trial in the Lennox case, Demand Lennox’s Immediate release!!!!! it’s the law!

Everything that this “employee of the City council of Belfast” said is a lie and therefore…..,


I am placing a call to arms here of all my readers and followers, please share this post immediately with the caption “Demand the immediate release of Lennox!” make sure to tell everyone you share it with they must do the same, this woman purgered herself and was willing to sacrifice this dog to save her job, now maybe there are those out there who could live with that as well, but I am not one of them! Are you?

Get the Lennox the freedom he deserves if they can release a pedophile if a police officer lies at his trial, why not Lennox,? He is after all innocent of ANY wrong doing!




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