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Meet the “Dog Of The Week” this weeks star is…., Penny!!!!!!!

Here is baby Penny:










And here’s Penny and mum Tori:








Pretty cute right? Just goes to show you that they are what “we” create!

Give a dog the foundation bricks of love, trust, care, discipline, fairness, food and shelter, and you get a dog like Penny, plain and simple 🙂

Thanks Penny and mum for sharing your pictures with us, and for the rest of you pit bull owners, get to snappin’ and send us your photo’s we are running out here! we can do the dog of the week without you! so please send your pictures and a little history behind them to apitomesblog@shaw.ca and we will feature each and every picture we get so each dog has their own day! Because every one of them is special to you, and to us 🙂 Have a grrrrrreat weekend everyone!


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