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Sorry, I have been away because…. I broke my jaw! so here is last weeks rescues of the week:

True story! not very exciting you see, but true none the less! I have a long history of being the girl who trips over such things as dust bunnies, porch dirt, shoes, ah yes those beastly shoes! they are my Nemesis!!! I recently tripped in high heels, falling face first onto cement and broke my jaw! Snapped that puppy like a red neck snaps a chicken bone!

So I have been a little out of it for the last 6 or so weeks. Mostly feeling quite sorry for myself  while in a Tylenol 3 induced stupor LOL!

But I did manage to finish my stage 9 exam with Animal Behavior College, and passed with 92% so I am very excited about that! I am back and ready to take on the dog training world, and animal advocacy as well!

Now, here are last weeks rescues of the week, these three babies have a chip in under Hearts Of Love Rescue, my friend Michelle Binnette is trying to get much-needed funds for transport to Canada, and vetting, they had boarding fees attached so please feel free to share these wonderful pups each one is desperate to find their very own fur-always home!

Michelle had this post on her Facebook page :URGENT ******DESPERATELY NEEDING YOUR HELP
Things are not looking good, we have only raised $65 more dollars out of the $435 needed. we need all the funds by Wednesday of this week or these 3 little ones will not get to go on transport   T…hese babies need your help in raising the funds needed. Transport is this thursday and if we don’t have all the funds raised in time they will not be going on the transport and that is they last thing we want to happen. Here is the chipin link explaining what is needed. Your help is greatly appreciated, no amount is to small. if we don’t get this money raised ASAP these 3 little ones will NOT be on the transport to their new start in life and that is the last thing we want to happen. their has been problems with the chipin link so our rescue paypal is heartsofloverescue@gmail.com. http://heartsofloverescue.chipin.com/3-harbor-shelter-dogs-hc-boarding-and-transportSee more
These 3 babies I pulled from Harbor Shelter Today, We really need your help in raising the funds needed for these 3. Boarding is $240 for all 3, Health Certificates $75 for all 3, Transport $120 for all 3 So we need $435 in total to get the…se babies to their new start in life. I know we can do. Please share and help us make this happen. these babies will be eternally grateful. Rescues paypal is heartsofloverescue@gmail.com All help is greatly appreciated Thank you!
I can say that Michelle is a wonderful woman trying very hard to save as many lives as she can, but saving lives sadly comes with a price, please help Michelle get the funds needed to help these great pups!
Thanks guys and I am glad to be back!!!!!!!

Disgusting dog meat website, there are lots more out there selling the pets you and I hold dear!

Think the dog meat trade is only in China? Well think again, thanks to the internet its global!


And I thought this was contained to a few countries in Asia. I guess it’s gone global. This not only makes me sick to my stomach but only re-enforces the need to ban the dog and cat meat trade altogether! Just when you think you have probably seen it all a little gem like this one comes along to prove you wrong.


Speak out today against the companion animal meat trade! Be proud China, Japan, Indonesia and Eastern Europe. You eat your pets! How wonderful, glad to see you have joined the rest of us in the new millenium!


So you like fur? Do you read labels? well did you know that it often comes from dogs abused and butchered in China?

Please remember before you look away or ignore this post, it is our obligation to see the depth of evil and injustice before we can speak against it or how to stop it. Watching the video angered me, it outraged me, but I have always believed that the fur we get is not what we think it is. If it angers you, let that anger be the catalyst for change, use it for a greater good, to stop abuse and injustice, to stop china from having weak product standards and to stop them from continuing to lie to us about what is in a product the sell us, I did!
I have news for the general public, these “Garments” are for sale in Canada, The United States, the Uk, and many other countries around the world! These.., and I use the term loosely.., “People” (Designers and Companies selling fur) are buying from that wonderful little industrial Piss Pot of a country called China! The ONLY way to effect real change there is to boycott and ban the importation of products from China…, and YES, require the analysis of all garments that have animal fur on or in them! No matter which country they come from. Just sit there and imagine for a second millions of dogs being skinned alive because these evil bastards don’t even have the decency to kill them first! “People” like this enjoy what they do, on some level at least, or they disassociate themselves to a point where the intentional infliction of severe pain is ok. How any human can listen to the “SCREAMS” of animals having their flesh ripped off is absolutely beyond me! I’m sorry but that IS China folks! The land where exporting Baby formula laced with melamine is ok, where exporting vitamins tainted with fertilizer is ok, where there are virtually no animal cruelty laws and even fewer punishments. Before anyone messages me and makes this a racial thing, I will just say this, I am no a racist! but I certainly do have prejudices against abuse, prejudices torture, and animal cruelty, against rape and murder, and against any forms of terrorism! This has nothing to do with ethnicity, and everything to do with the ability of this country and some of its people to cast aside right in the favor of a dollar! It has to do with allowing the people to view life as disposable as nothing.., as something to be given and something to be extinguished when another shakes a dollar bill. Until we demand our countries step up the screening of the merchandise they allow through our boarders, until they set up a “standard” of proof of analysis, this disgusting practice will continue and I for one am not ready to buy a jacket for my child that “may contain” dog pelt or hide. I am also not prepared to sit back and do nothing while I am lied to about what is contained in the products exported from China, anymore! Please tell your Senators that enough is enough on free trade without standards and guidelines that protect animals and the consumer.

Judge Michael Gary of New York…, I could kiss you right on the mouth my friend! BRAVO!


Every day we see losers like Angelo Monderoy, abuse animals with little to no atonement or punishment for the evil things they do. Most walk away with a small fine and community service, very few see the inside of a jail even. Much like Kisha Curtis, those who are arrested try to make bail, and most do, and that’s the last they see of any real jail time. This must change if we stand a chance at saving future animals from these types of horrific abuse.

As of late I have felt pretty defeated about the entire thing, however just when I thought there were no judges out there willing make an example of these piles of filth, I catch wind of this story!

Judge Michael Gary of Brooklyn New York, took a stand and sent a very clear message about animal abuse, as you read above, this piece of garbage will be sentenced to 6 years before he will face deportation, I hope they follow through with that.

We all know he wont serve the full six years but quite frankly it’s a start! Here is an excerpt from another article praising this judge;

Letter: In an article by William Gorta concerning a Superior Court hearing re:The state of New York vs Angelo Monderoy and his killing of a cat. Judge Gary showed clear sensitivity to this issue and provided a well-considered verdict and sentence. He is to be commended and the citizens of New York can be proud of him.

Mr. Monderoy appears to have no empathy for a weaker creature and, as such, poses a serious danger to people as well. Intentional cruelty cannot be tolerated by society whether it be against animals, children, or citizens in general.

Bravo to Judge Gary!

Thanks William for saying exactly what we are feeling…, Bravo Judge Gary, Bravo!

We can all feel proud of him, I am Canadian, and I have watched these cases play out here, and I must tell you that “no-one” here has been willing to take such a stand. Due to the slaughter of sled dogs in Whistler, BC some small changes have occurred.

Abusers will now face up two years in jail, and fines go up to $75000.00 from $10,000.00 Persoanlly I see this as a very tiny improvement, and a very shallow victory for abused animals and public safety. I feel if changes were to be made than certainly they should have reflected the same sense of eminent danger that the public faces as well as animals, at the hands of these individuals. They really should have taken a zero tolerance stand!

To me, two years is nothing! By the time these freaks actually set one foot inside the jail sell one-third of their sentence has already been lifted or “served.” I find that very disappointing indeed!

So to Judge Michael Gary I say “Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for going against the grain, seeing the true potential for future violent acts that exists within these people, and thank you for drawing a hard-line on animal abuse!”

In my book you are a true pioneer, in the fight to change the face of animal abuse, public and companion animal safety. Reading this gave me hope again. Hope that all is not lost, in the fight to gain tougher animal cruelty legislation. If every judge stood up and was counted, making sure their voices be heard, and their authority to punish be unquestionable, then maybe, just maybe in my lifetime I will see these changes take place.

Judge Gary, from an animal advocate and lover I say again, I could just kiss you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!



Bad Rap, spills it on PETA! Thanks Bad Rap, you guys are aces in my book! PETA, you are starting to show your true colors!


Now I will say this openly, I have always been a huge Bad Rap fan, for several reasons, but mostly because they chose to help the dogs everyone else has wrongly labeled as “Bad”

Now I am sure by now you are all aware that I can’t stand Ingrid Newkirk and her “nazi” squad of vegan wanna be’s, that is something I have not tried to hide, I have spent countless hours researching her, the squad, and low and behold, every day there is something new about them, and nothing good I might add.

Wake up world! If you keep “DONATING” she gets rich, and more animals die, it really is that simple! Thanks again Bad Rap for bringing people out of the shadow of PETA’s lies and into the light of sanity!


Companies that are cruelty free, and DO NOT test on animals…nice!

I have a list I will share with you all, it shows a list of companies that do not do any forms of animal testing. I am sure there are many more out there but it’s a jumping off point for everyone.

Remember to check into more, and have fun trying out new companies and their wonderful cruelty and animal testing free products!

companies not testing on animals

I do have to mention that the list is saved in a word format, and I did not compile this list, much as I hate to admit it PETA put this on their site, and I was forwarded it by a friend, so although I am no PETA fan, the list is a valuable resource!


When will you be moved to action?

Great video by Animal Abusers Exposed, way to go gang!


It’s time people step outside the box you’ve placed yourself in and take action!

If these dogs can survive this, the least we can do is get it together and take a stand on their behalf!


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