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The Real Pit Bull. Awesome video, from awesome owners!

The Real Pit Bull

So…, any questions?

Irresponsibility, abuse and neglect are the main contributing factors to an ill-mannered dog, much as they are in us!

The dogs you saw in this brilliant video are shinning ambassadors for their breed, and their owners are the type of people who should own dogs!

They are the type of owners the rest of the world should look to as an example, they own pit bulls, but they also own other breeds as well. The common denominator is they put it all out there for their pets they make sure their dogs get everything they need to be a success.

Be worthy of these dogs, of all dogs, they should be our masters I bet they would be good to us, better than most have been to them!


“Pig bulls” and the story behind the mis-spelling


Ok so a friend of mine and I were talking about, the negative responses people will automatically give you when you have a pit bull. Now I must say that this particular friend has abassa-dogs to put it into perspective, they are very well-behaved and friendly. He was out running some errands, he pulled into his destination and a mother and her little girl were getting into their car, just then the little girl yells “Those are pit bulls!” and jumps into her mom’s car and locks the door! WOW!  The mother just smiles and shrugs as if to say “Heh heh heh, sorry” well where did this little girl get this from?

She certainly did not come up with this on her own, kids are naturally drawn to animals, they don’t see breed, they don’t see stereotypes and even with people they don’t see color or race, they just see what’s there, a person, a dog, whatever, no opinions attached, no bias, just whats real.

My friend was understandably upset by this encounter, I guess mainly because he knew where she got that from, obviously someone has taught her that pit bulls are bad, evil, or that they attack. Whatever it is they put into that little girls head, stayed there and created fear. Now I know exactly what the haters of the world would say, and I don’t care their opinions are based on fear and bias as well, so they are meaningless and have no value to me.

This is what I told him;

 It never ceases to amaze me what garbage people will project on to their kids, the fear, the hatred the bigotry they create with just a few simple words, and those things they say stick with their children. Case and point, I went to my local Wal-Mart three months or so ago, and I actually heard a child refer to another shopper using the “N” word, I hate that word! So I politely corrected him and said actually he’s African-American.

On the flip side of that, kids that have never been subjected to bias’ are great! Example my buddy’s pit bull  (a different one but also an abassa-dog) was over visiting, this was a couple of years ago now, we went to the park and the tiniest and cutest little girl I had ever seen, came over and said very matter of factly “Is that a pig bull?” “My daddy says they’re funny!” How great is that?! 

So folks, think about the things you say, kids pick up cues on what they think we believe, based on the things we say, and teaching any child  that bigotry, bias, and profiling are ok, is child abuse as far as I am concerned. Let them see the world as open possibilities not bricked up walls that will keep them closed in, and closed off from the world, instead of part of it! 

I am not suggesting that you shouldn’t teach them caution, how to ask to greet an animal, and proper greeting techniques, all I am saying is let them be open to new people, animals, places, and things, give them the freedom to be the little sponges we all know they are, they absorb everything! They can be very enlightening.

I think kids could teach us more than we will ever teach them. My daughter sees only friends at school she doesn’t see black, white, chinese, or turkish, just friends…, and when she sees a dog she doesn’t see breed she loves and respects them all unconditionally.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story about “pig bulls”and if you’re lucky you may just meet your happy pig bull kid too some day!

***Side note***This is a drawing done by Kurt Halsey, in case anyone was curious, I love his work!


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