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This is exactly the type of “shelter” that makes my blood boil!


If and when all shelters and pounds are forced to advertise and do weekly adoption events, publicized events! People would see that the unchecked killing of worthy healthy pets it nothing more than a way for these places to filter funds in other directions, these places will tell you they use Petfinder, and Craigslist but I’m sorry that is no where good enough!

As for sending animals straight to a kill room, why? why would they do that? Don’t give, me the they don’t have room speech, use fosters!

Memphis you really need to get it together, or are you all heartless rednecks? Step it up and create change in your town, in fact go further in your state! Extend some small measure of yourself to save countless cats and dogs from an instant death! And Nathan, as always you rock sir!



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