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I’m sure glad to see that the abusers NEVER take a day off!

With that said today’s abuser loser is…. Umar Aziz! Congrats Umar, since you couldn’t master the very simple art of FEEDING YOUR DOGS, You have won yourself a ticket to the grey bar motel, and the hatred of millions!

Utica ass-hat likes to starve his dogs

Alway around to fight for and speak out for those who can’t, and a very big “Bark Out” to Chris Shepherd for this article! Way to go Chris! Thanks for being part of the fight for justice for animals!

With any luck there will be an animal loving guard at the jailhouse that can show good ol Umar what going without food, and being a prisoner to hunger is all about!


Todays abuser loser is……, Oh did I mention she claims to be a rescue?


you have to take note that she worked “mostly” through Craig’s list and Facebook. the newest and easiest forum for abusers and scammers.

Amazing how these monsters never stop, no matter how many you bust there are always more waiting in the wings! Shouldn’t this tell our Governments laws need to be changed?

Some days just make you feel like you are ice skating uphill I guess.


Abuser loser gets a long vacay at the grey bar motel! Yes! Now if we can just get every state on board!


A good outcome to a very sad story!


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