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Bark Out Time for Kya, she needs a little help, and a lot of love!

Kya I think her video speaks for its self, she has limitless potential!

here is her story:

She came in very fearful but has made huge strides. She went home with kids once but came back for growling at them. Kids are more at ease and more active at home and that may have overwhelmed her. (Sounds to me like proper intro’s and New dog rules were not put into place) I’ve been doing remedial dog walking with her because she started to pull and dart in a way she never had before and she is once again pulling it together fast. She’s been at the shelter several months now. She deserves a chance!
Lets do all we can to share Kya and get her into her very own fur-always home!

Networking dogs with Penny Eims!


Penny wrote this very sad, but often true story of abandonment. How often we have to see with vivid clarity how easy we have made it for people to abuse animals and just walk away!

I struggle with how to teach my children there is still goodness in the world when I have to see this garbage day on and day out, 365 days a year! My heart breaks for the dogs and various other animals that suffer in such ways, and by most standards sadly, this treatment was tame in comparison to some I have seen. I guess the focus should be first teaching my kids that lending aid when it is needed is key, and secondly that there are good people left in the world, people just like Penny, and just like the shelter staff that fall in love with these little innocents! They do what they do everyday, in hopes of saving just one!

Please help me to help Penny and the wonderful staff especially, (Linda Soto) at Maricopa County Animal Control, who want to see these dogs saved!

their ID# are as follows:

ID numbers on these dogs: A3107173, A3107174, A3107175, A3107176, A3107177, A3107178, A3107242 Contact:  lindasoto@mail.maricopa.gov If the dogs are not networked, they will likely not leave the facility – their owner’s cruel actions the last defining moment of their short lives.

Please network these babies, lets save them! If Dolly the pit bull’s story can go viral, why not theirs? It’s just as tragic!

Thanks much!


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