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Pit bulls are the target of a Houston serial killer!

Please read the examiner article below written by Cindy Marabito all links and details are in  her article.

Please read and share and let’s get this bastard caught!

Pit bull serial killer at large in Houston



This is what I am talking about…. a prime example of yet another Social networking site that takes no responsibility!

This little gem is on YouTube, many complaints have been sent and yet it is still up, still feeding the insatiable need for violence, to all those criminals! Thanks Youtube what a wonderful world you are helping to shape!

That garbage should be banned. It should have never been allowed to be posted in the first place, its against the law! This is not free speech, its animal abuse. YouTube GET IT TOGETHER! Take responsibility for what you allow and remove this crap from your site! You are no better than Facebook!

Dog fight, dog abuse, and where’s YouTube while we all complain????


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