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A phoenix really can rise from the ashes and start anew! Will you be his fresh start at forever?

My name is Phoenix, but I want to go ahead and let you know that I will never answer to that name or to anything else. It’s not because I don’t want to listen, it’s because I’m completely deaf. I’m only about 7 months old, and I’ve had a pretty rough life so far. Before I became a rescue dog, I lived my life at the end of a chain. One day my “owners” came outside, poured gasoline on me, and lit me on fire. Then I lost my “home” and my hearing when there was a meth lab explosion in the house. I’m so happy that people came to take me away from there, and that’s all in the past now. The nice people at the shelter took care of me, and helped me find my way to a rescue. Now I’m living in a foster home, learning how to be a perfect inside dog! Like an average puppy, I LOVE to play. I try to make everything into a game, and I’ve got a stuffed hedgehog toy that is just THE best thing EVER! I may look a little rough, but I’m the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet. I’m an extremely smart boy, I’m already learning sign language after only being in foster care for a week. I just need people to have patience with me, since I can’t hear it takes me a little bit longer to understand what it is you’re asking of me. I get along with kids, dogs, and cats. Could you be my person? Email bullenationrescue@gmail.com if you’re interested in adding me to your family He was in foster but may now face euthanization because there is no longer someone to take him Please, please crosspost to your trusted rescue contacts!!!  The CONTACT IS: Brandi King Humane Society of Calloway County P. O. Box 764 607 Poplar Street Suite A-1 Murray, KY 42071 270.759.1884 humanesociety@murray-ky.net

please share Phoenix and let’s get him the family he has always deserved!


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