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Ode to the animal rescuers everywhere! Your pockets may always be empty, but your hearts will always be full!


What a video! If you watched this and felt nothing, please resign from the human race now, we don’t think you are worthy anymore!

I am an animal rescuer:
I will save lives, I will lose lives.
I will make wise decisions, and I will make mistakes.
I will be surrounded by people who understand what I do and how I feel, I will be criticized and abandoned by those who do not.
I will rejoice when each homeless huggable finds a new forever family.
I will suffer through days when I cannot get those lost out of my mind.

Through every struggle to save an innocent, through every dark day when you have to watch one die, through every gut wrenching news clipping about animal abuse and neglect and abandonment, I will remember that because I was strong enough to fight for them, a life was saved, and although I cannot save them all, I will never stop trying to save as many as I can! How great is that?!

To every rescuer, advocate and volunteer out there that feels like giving up, who feels they failed, please remember without you these abused and forgotten souls would have no chance at all. Your actions made a second chance a reality for so many…,


From those who made a single action to those who fight everyday, at the very least, you did something, you did more than just look away and forget. There is greatness in that!



Be the change! Stomp out abuse and bias. End the “Pit Bull Problem”

Please take part in creating stronger animal ownership acts. Demand the government step it up, not label and kill. The truth is that 8 out of every 10 “pit bull” attacks are not even pit bull at all! Despite what the ultimate pit bull haters Colleen Lynn (Dogsbite.org), Craven’s Desires, Pitt Nutters and others including PETA, the media and the government would have you believe.

How many dog attacks are listed as “pit bull” when in actuality they are not pit bull at all? Most!

They are in fact, mastiff, labrador, bulldog, rottweiler, chow, and the list goes on. You are listening to a money hungry media that uses the fear behind pit bulls to garner readers, viewers and listeners while all the while they are irresponsibly labeling the attacks as pit bull just to sell a few papers. I can send you countless documents where attacks have occurred in your state, and nothing was ever mentioned by the media, simply because they were not pit bull.

To the politicians: BSL is a disease that you the politicians have created to ease public fear that the media irresponsibly created. Instead of placing your focus on owner responsiblity where it belongs, you have placed it at the feet of these dogs.  if you would like to at least educate yourself please contact Drayton Michaels otherwise known as the Pit Bull Guru he made the video the pit bull hoax and is an expert dog trainer, please contact Dr. Ian Dunbar world-renowned dog trainer and Vet., please contact any organization that trains pit bulls as therapy dogs. Most importantly educate yourselves and the public, if you do not, you fail your constituents and these dogs miserably! We have appointed you to do the very best for us as a society, and the very best for them, change the laws to punish animal abusers with sentences longer than 3-6 months, make animal abuse punishable with the same scope as you would a human who inflicts abuse, torture or murder, and I am sure you will see there is in fact no “Pit Bull” problem at all!


Don’t just look away while thousands of innocent pit bulls die in shelters and at the hands of Animal Control all over the USA.  This is a world problem, we can change it together!

If it can be changed in the USA then it can be changed anywhere!

and for anyone that is not educated about pit bulls please research the truth, ask experts, NOT dogsbite.org, speak to shelters talk to a pit bull owner on the street, you will see we are not all drug dealers, and dog fighters. Most of us are responsible owners with great dogs! Be part of the Too Cool Crew and sign and share this petition today!


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