Ace, the dog that many wanted saved but DACC wanted dead from the start!

 Here is a picture of poor sweet Ace the lonely little pit bull boy who wandered into an Ace hardware store, people gave him blanket and sent out urgent pleas on Facebook for him to be saved so DACC couldn’t get their hooks into him, but to no avail.



I think this is just another shining example of how humans view animals, they are viewed by some as non-sentient, as not worthy of the inalienable right to life.

We decide on a daily basis, which shall be regulated or culled, which shall be protected and which shall just be allowed to fall through the cracks of a frail system. Sadly for Ace, he was one of the unlucky, one that fell through, and there was no one there to catch him. (Many tried to be there, but were denied!) 

Why is it that any one department can say they have control over a life?

Ace I’m sorry, I’m sorry that you were exposed to abuse after abuse, and no one could stop a bias Animal Control Director from ending your life. He had the ability to show you mercy, and chose to deny it to you instead.

Let me just say this, I will never again surrender to animal control, ever! If this is the best they can do… no thanks!

I had nothing to do with this case but it has left a putrid taste in my mouth! Shame on you Detroit Animal Control and its “dictator”, I mean director (Harry Ward) Shame on you!




About apitome

I am a mother, a pit bull advocate, but mostly I am just like any of you, I am passionate about politics, the environment and dog advocacy. I want possitive changes within the judicial system as well. I want my children to grow up in a country where we are not told what breed of dog we can own. I want to see BSL put in the trash where it belongs! I want to see the constitution protected but not manipulated *see anything on the mosque near ground zero (USA) or changing Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays (Canada)* I am not racist in any way shape or form against any ethnic group, I do however have prejudices against bad behavior! If you abuse our laws, kids, the elderly, or animals, If you move to a new country and then demand that country to change everything about it's laws & way of life to suit your own agenda, If you blatantly break those laws with no regard and show no repect for them, if you engage in dog fighting or any other forms of animal abuse, torture or neglect, or if you are a pedophile, Than yes! You are on my radar for sure, and I will do EVERYTHING within my power to see you stopped and brought to justice! Furthering that goal, I have no qualms about publishing the names and faces of convicted abusers. I am not trying to change the world, I simply want to see things improve not backslide, Mostly for my children and these wonderful dogs futures! I may say things you agree with, and I may say things that you won't agree with, I may anger you, challenge you, or just plain piss you off, but in my book that's ok as long as long as it inspires some form of action on your part. This is not a popularity contest, If I have said anything about a group or person that you don't agree with please feel free to leave a comment or simply don't come back. If You have been mentioned in my blog it is for one of two reasons, you are either an advocate or you are an abuser loser, if you are the latter I could care less what you think! I value the opinions of trash about as much as I do that of a slug! Everything in print here is a matter of public record, or came from a trusted source, with that said, I am certainly willing to print both sides of any story, in an effort to be fair and always print the truth! View all posts by apitome

6 responses to “Ace, the dog that many wanted saved but DACC wanted dead from the start!

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  • kym jones

    I have been upset and cry for weeks since i watched detroit animal cops.
    All pitbulls not matter the age or conditions must be put down. They had
    no regret or shame. I have a pic of a truck load of pits that have been put down, I would love for this shot to get out to more people.

  • Teresa Brewer

    Are you aware that Animal Control gets paid for every dog they euthanize? Sometimes as much as $50.00 per dog or in some cases more. Nothing will change until it is unprofitable for them to kill. They should be getting paid for each animal they rehome or spay/neuter. Instead, when they see a dog like Ace, who is a viable canditate for adoption, all they see is how easy it will be to kill and collect. They are bounty hunters or the worse sort. SHAME on DACC and all facilities that murder for profit.

  • Jen Richardson

    I found a dirty, cold and half starved Collie roaming the streets and took her back to her home where the owners said they didnt want her. My dog was old and grumpy and i was advised he was best alone with me in his late years but when i phoned the dog warden and was told they would “process” the Collie although wouldnt explain what “process” meant i hung up the phone and kept her. She kept my old dog young until his passing, they were best friends. Best advice i ignored in my life. I just wish Ace had been able to enjoy the same opportunity of a loving home. His story breaks my heart. God bless you Ace, my old man Jon will keep you safe and warm. Look after each other xxx

    • apitome

      Thank you for sharing Jen, and I had a similar once myself although the dog I had was old already. It makes me happy to know that there are still so many kind hearted people like you out there willing to step in where others fell short and save a life, thank you for that!

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