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Petition to end BSL

Petition to change laws and Ban BSL

And change is as easy as one little step, many states are now seeing that BSL simply does not work. Now here’s your chance to help. Please share this petition and let’s make some positive laws that support responsible ownership and remove bylaws and legislations that kill dogs and destroy families!

Thank you


Disgusting dog meat website, there are lots more out there selling the pets you and I hold dear!

Think the dog meat trade is only in China? Well think again, thanks to the internet its global!


And I thought this was contained to a few countries in Asia. I guess it’s gone global. This not only makes me sick to my stomach but only re-enforces the need to ban the dog and cat meat trade altogether! Just when you think you have probably seen it all a little gem like this one comes along to prove you wrong.


Speak out today against the companion animal meat trade! Be proud China, Japan, Indonesia and Eastern Europe. You eat your pets! How wonderful, glad to see you have joined the rest of us in the new millenium!


Happy Dance….Beyond The Myth will be coming to a theater near you Canada!

I have waited on pins and needles for this to come to Canada, I am hoping that everyone will take part in these wonderful screenings

Please come out everyone, it’s a great chance for people to decide for themselves about pit bulls rather than just letting the Media and the government steer how you think and what you see.

PS the picture is our very new rescued pup Baylee  I think she was tired of the photo-op.


The Real Pit Bull. Awesome video, from awesome owners!

The Real Pit Bull

So…, any questions?

Irresponsibility, abuse and neglect are the main contributing factors to an ill-mannered dog, much as they are in us!

The dogs you saw in this brilliant video are shinning ambassadors for their breed, and their owners are the type of people who should own dogs!

They are the type of owners the rest of the world should look to as an example, they own pit bulls, but they also own other breeds as well. The common denominator is they put it all out there for their pets they make sure their dogs get everything they need to be a success.

Be worthy of these dogs, of all dogs, they should be our masters I bet they would be good to us, better than most have been to them!


Ode to the animal rescuers everywhere! Your pockets may always be empty, but your hearts will always be full!


What a video! If you watched this and felt nothing, please resign from the human race now, we don’t think you are worthy anymore!

I am an animal rescuer:
I will save lives, I will lose lives.
I will make wise decisions, and I will make mistakes.
I will be surrounded by people who understand what I do and how I feel, I will be criticized and abandoned by those who do not.
I will rejoice when each homeless huggable finds a new forever family.
I will suffer through days when I cannot get those lost out of my mind.

Through every struggle to save an innocent, through every dark day when you have to watch one die, through every gut wrenching news clipping about animal abuse and neglect and abandonment, I will remember that because I was strong enough to fight for them, a life was saved, and although I cannot save them all, I will never stop trying to save as many as I can! How great is that?!

To every rescuer, advocate and volunteer out there that feels like giving up, who feels they failed, please remember without you these abused and forgotten souls would have no chance at all. Your actions made a second chance a reality for so many…,


From those who made a single action to those who fight everyday, at the very least, you did something, you did more than just look away and forget. There is greatness in that!



Be the change! Stomp out abuse and bias. End the “Pit Bull Problem”

Please take part in creating stronger animal ownership acts. Demand the government step it up, not label and kill. The truth is that 8 out of every 10 “pit bull” attacks are not even pit bull at all! Despite what the ultimate pit bull haters Colleen Lynn (, Craven’s Desires, Pitt Nutters and others including PETA, the media and the government would have you believe.

How many dog attacks are listed as “pit bull” when in actuality they are not pit bull at all? Most!

They are in fact, mastiff, labrador, bulldog, rottweiler, chow, and the list goes on. You are listening to a money hungry media that uses the fear behind pit bulls to garner readers, viewers and listeners while all the while they are irresponsibly labeling the attacks as pit bull just to sell a few papers. I can send you countless documents where attacks have occurred in your state, and nothing was ever mentioned by the media, simply because they were not pit bull.

To the politicians: BSL is a disease that you the politicians have created to ease public fear that the media irresponsibly created. Instead of placing your focus on owner responsiblity where it belongs, you have placed it at the feet of these dogs.  if you would like to at least educate yourself please contact Drayton Michaels otherwise known as the Pit Bull Guru he made the video the pit bull hoax and is an expert dog trainer, please contact Dr. Ian Dunbar world-renowned dog trainer and Vet., please contact any organization that trains pit bulls as therapy dogs. Most importantly educate yourselves and the public, if you do not, you fail your constituents and these dogs miserably! We have appointed you to do the very best for us as a society, and the very best for them, change the laws to punish animal abusers with sentences longer than 3-6 months, make animal abuse punishable with the same scope as you would a human who inflicts abuse, torture or murder, and I am sure you will see there is in fact no “Pit Bull” problem at all!


Don’t just look away while thousands of innocent pit bulls die in shelters and at the hands of Animal Control all over the USA.  This is a world problem, we can change it together!

If it can be changed in the USA then it can be changed anywhere!

and for anyone that is not educated about pit bulls please research the truth, ask experts, NOT, speak to shelters talk to a pit bull owner on the street, you will see we are not all drug dealers, and dog fighters. Most of us are responsible owners with great dogs! Be part of the Too Cool Crew and sign and share this petition today!


US soldiers have way too much time on their hands these days.

Official presidential portrait of Barack Obama...
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I have been VERY outspoken and supportive of our troops, and let me just say that my support still stands. For the heroes, the real soldiers that know the difference between compassion and misconduct!

The following videos are proof in living color, that there isn’t a lot of tangible productivity going on in Iraq, in relation to our troops. That being said, since they seem to have limitless amounts of time to harass the locals, abuse the animals, and place countless lives in danger in the process, maybe its time they come on back home and have to answer for how they have conducted themselves there.

Behaving in such ways only furthers the belief that we are in fact weak, because after all, only a man of weak mind and character chooses to pick on the weakest members of any society.

These troops like it or not, represent us when they are stationed over there. Harassing young women, destroying a little boys bike, abusing dogs and puppies, what image does that convey? We call terrorists and those who behave in a barbaric way savages, but what do they say about our troops, about us?

To each servicemen, especially the puppy throwing mouthbreather, the one, called  Motari? I believe was the name mentioned, do you really believe you have made your families proud? Would your mother be “proud” of that?

There was a rumour that the puppy in question, was fake, well it wasn’t! it body swings it pulls its legs up and whimpers, thats not fake, but nice try Motari! Catching a little heat over that one huh? What else did you do over there that wassn’t caught on tape?

The soldiers featured here are NOT heros and they are NOT real men! They are abusers, and they will remain abusers even after they are back home, no matter where they go or what they do, at the core they are evil too!

Grow up! and Obama…, get them home! Get them back to working real jobs just like the rest of us maybe then, these COWARDS wouldn’t have so much free time on their hands!





Ace, the dog that many wanted saved but DACC wanted dead from the start!

 Here is a picture of poor sweet Ace the lonely little pit bull boy who wandered into an Ace hardware store, people gave him blanket and sent out urgent pleas on Facebook for him to be saved so DACC couldn’t get their hooks into him, but to no avail.



I think this is just another shining example of how humans view animals, they are viewed by some as non-sentient, as not worthy of the inalienable right to life.

We decide on a daily basis, which shall be regulated or culled, which shall be protected and which shall just be allowed to fall through the cracks of a frail system. Sadly for Ace, he was one of the unlucky, one that fell through, and there was no one there to catch him. (Many tried to be there, but were denied!) 

Why is it that any one department can say they have control over a life?

Ace I’m sorry, I’m sorry that you were exposed to abuse after abuse, and no one could stop a bias Animal Control Director from ending your life. He had the ability to show you mercy, and chose to deny it to you instead.

Let me just say this, I will never again surrender to animal control, ever! If this is the best they can do… no thanks!

I had nothing to do with this case but it has left a putrid taste in my mouth! Shame on you Detroit Animal Control and its “dictator”, I mean director (Harry Ward) Shame on you!




Word on the street is Lennox Verdict to be expected Friday.

I have scrutinized this process from the get go, in fact this city council has done everything in its power to uphold this illegal seizure, including lying to the public, their constituents! We must all speak up NOW! please follow all the voices who came before you and shout out! Email Belfast city council, or they have a Facebook page, please include the phrases “The world is watching you!” and “Free Lennox now!”

The point is we want them to understand clearly that we are one voice and “We” are behind Lennox all the way!

Thank you very much everyone!


Whoo Hoo stupid takes a day off! Austin embraces the pit bull!

American Pit Bull Terrier

Image via Wikipedia

Thanks so much to Love A Bull Inc for organizing this event, and to Karen Brooks for the great article below;


Way to go gang! Now the world can see what we already know, that banning is not the answer. Embracing them, and protecting animals from abuse is the best way to keep our communities safe!


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