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Updated:A little dog named chance needs help going from Death row to a loving home in Texas

This guy has an adoptive home, and a loving mom waiting to get him there, My friend Melanie has been getting the run around from the rescue she has been dealing with and it turns out this boy has been in a holding facility all this time while Melanie has been desperately trying to set up transport to bring him home, here is the boy of the hour Chance;

 Update: Chance’s chip in has been closed there were no donations and one of the transporters that was lined up would not be able to get chance to his next connection on time for the final leg of his journey so Melanie is back to square one. So if there are any volunteers that lived along that route who would like to help this guy get home please email Melanie, I think she is starting to feel like she will never get him there.

From Melanie Jenkins: PLZ help me get Chance home… He was a death row dog I adopted.. He’s n GA & we’re n TX. The ONLY part of Chance’s trip I’m having problem getting help with transport is: Montgomery, AL- Gulfport, MS on Thursday the 29th… Chance’s eta from Montgomery is 5 PM… PLZ if u know anyone who can help with this part of transport PLZ let them know of me or me of them. Melanie is on Facebook and she can also be reached at melanie.jenkins59@yahoo.com if you can help her.

(only serious volunteers please)

Thanks to everyone in advance and along the way!


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